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Hi there...My name is Rachel Marie. Thanks for your interest in The Quirky Poet!

My relationship with clothing has always been a bit dramatic. As is reflected in a lot of my poetry, I often give personalities to inanimate objects, including items in my wardrobe. As a young girl, I remember crying over a pair of sparkly, silver sneakers as I threw them out with the trash. They were too small, and I’d worn holes in them, but it still seemed cruel to abandon them like that. But it had to be done.
Throughout my childhood, I absolutely hated when other girls mimicked my clothing choices - whether intentional or unintentional. If a girl wore the same blouse as I did, I would immediately develop a loathing for said blouse and would never wear it again. A bit extreme, I know, but even at age seven I wanted to be an individual. 
And so I have fallen in love with vintage clothing. I’m most usually influenced by the late 19th century and the 1950s. 

I’ve always loved clothing, but in the past few years I have truly begun to harness my personal style. Until my sophomore year of high school I had to wear hideous, knee-length plaid for eight hours a day, followed by cheerleading garb after hours. Enforced uniform is likely the most sure way to inhibit creativity. So I think being able to wear what I want has finally allowed me to find my clothing niche. 

Currently, I am a college student pursuing a creative writing degree, but I’m contemplating the future rather open-mindedly. I have a lot of hobbies and interests, and I’ve learned that you can’t plan everything just perfectly. I’m employed at a veterinary clinic, where I answer phones and talk to clients about their kitties. Though I don’t plan on a veterinary career, I appreciate everything I’ve learned there. 

When I read style blogs, I usually like to know how tall a girl is in order to imagine how her looks might turn out on me. So I just thought I’d let you know I’m 5’7”. 
And as I am sure you are wondering, my hair is naturally curly. To control frizz I use a blow dryer with diffuser attachment, and I also use a generous amount of moisturizing milk from garnier fructis. I do prize my curls. I feel they match my slightly awkward, off-beat spirit.

A few of my favorite things:
A good book
Music (My favorite band is Nightwish.)
Poetry  (Obviously, right? My favorite poets are Billy Collins and e.e. cummings)
Alice in Wonderland
Online Shopping  (ModCloth.com and Etsy.com are my most frequent stops.)
Muffins (!)
Hand-written letters
Twirly skirts
Rainy afternoons with Josh

If there's anything else you'd like to know, email me at rachelmarie@thequirkypoet.com. I tend to reply rather immediately because I'm a dork and get super excited when people like me.

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