Friday, March 30, 2012

Featured Poet: Jessica

Somebody Doesn't Exist
by Jessica of The Midwest Muse

Will somebody remember us?
When  the oceans dry up,
and the finest art decays,
the stars burn out and modernization never happened.
And there's the jasmine scented room,
where we laid our coats and our bodies,
and you caught me looking at that man,
that wasn't you and I smiled.

When there are no trees left to be wheeled away,
buildings aren't constructed out of brick and mortar.
And the midsummer nights are riddles,
where you seduced the warmth with a broken banjo.
And I gambled the night away with a drink,
a false smirk and the skin under my favorite dress.

Will somebody remember us?
When the food chain shifts,
the leaves stop changing.
And children are never granted innocence.
The grass vanishes,
replaced by sand,
And the landlocked blues
fade into the Earth.

When the color drains from my wine stained cheeks,
and the world has no color palette.
The plethora of choices become a single option,
and like the scones I never ate,
we crumble into crumbs.

Will somebody remember us?
When the birds can no longer fly,
and your once bright eyes have dimmed
like the moon that forgets to set,
and the sun that never rises.
We were young once,
when we dressed up in our Sunday's finest,
and we stole from the house by the sea.

When the heat never returns,
and seasons are a foreign concept,
like the film we watched that first night,
and the fireworks we created before we understood,
what the tears really meant.

Will somebody remember us?
When time was a concept built by a man,
but the man died and took his secrets to the grave,
The vegetables cannot grow without water,
and water only existed to wash away our dreams,
like the paint we used on the bridge that collapsed.

When harmonies cannot be heard,
because the world is tone deaf.
Like the night I sang out of tune,
to your broken banjo.


Featured Poet: Jessica is a lovely lady, who was kind enough to feature my blog on hers not too long ago. Her style is always colorful and well thought out. To get to know her better, visit her blog here.

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  1. This poem is really wonderful. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check her blog out! :>

  2. Thanks so much for posting! It's been so long since I've read this poem that I barely remember it! Ahhh, I must start writing again!


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