Saturday, July 30, 2011

July's Wardrobe Shuffle

And a new creation is born...

Looking back...

Charlotte Russe bangles and blouse: Clothing Narrative
Target dress: Sophistication
Thrifted belt: Alive and Beautiful
Target jeans: Très Romantique
Kohls earrings: Frolicking in the Sun
Vintage shoes: Sophistication

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Early Afternoon Sitabout Dress"

“There are clothes for early morning, clothes for shopping, clothes for every type of luncheon party, the early afternoon sitabout dress...a cocktail time dress, a little dinner dress...the quiet evening dress...” ---Doris Langley Moore, Fashion Historian

Outfit details:

Blouse//Vintage via Salvation Army
Dress//Vintage via Goodwill
Belt//Vintage via The Thrifty Boutique Resale Shoppe
Leggings//Vera Wang for Kohls
Shoes and Owl Ring//Charlotte Russe

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Clothing Narrative

Some days, a certain dress just feels right. The way it dances around my legs, it’s as if it’s alive, giving me its energy. 

Rarely do I repeat outfits, but this one is an exception. Clothes can be practical, necessary, and common...but they can also be intriguing, unique, and narrative. The narrative of this ensemble is one I like to live in over again. But who wouldn’t want to feel like a glamorous 1970s starlet over again? 
Outfit details:
Maxi Dress//Target
Blouse, Gold Bangles, and Shoes//Charlotte Russe

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Owl Collection: Meet Edgar

Proper Name :: Edgar (Allen Poe)
Origin :: Edgar was adopted from ModCloth.

Best feature :: Killer style. And he knows he’s suave.
Favorite things :: Cardigans, sneakers, and big sunglasses.

(This is me being suave.)

Why I love him :: My style tends to be very girlish, and in a subtle way, Edgar lets me express my more edgy, rock-n-roll side. It’s good to explore different facets of my style, of my personality, now and again.
Outfit details:
Barrette//Vintage 1960s
Faux black pearl earrings//Kohls
Cardigan//Charlotte Russe

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Frolicking in the Sun

Lately I’ve been told by multiple third parties that I need to get some sun while the sun (the second party I suppose) doesn’t seem to mind my neglect. He seems more interested in using his powers for more important duties such as fusing hydrogen into helium in order to heat the solar system. Toasting my fair-skinned body is not high on his list of priorities.

In middle school and the beginnings of high school I had been obsessed with sunbathing. It was a sort of competition with my friends to see who could have the most golden-brown skin. Sometimes this was achieved not without becoming red first. All in all, it really wasn’t a comfortable process and the tan lines were horrendous. I’m not sure how you feel about it, but looking in the mirror at breasts white as headlights does not make me feel very good about myself.
And so, I have become a sunscreen fiend.

As you can see in my photos, I do go outside (quite a lot). I am not a depraved hermit. I love the feel of the sun’s warm embrace. And there is plenty of vitamin D keeping me from a world of depression. 
The sun isn’t evil. Sun-kissed skin can be very pretty. But sunburns (and the wrinkles and melanoma that await in the future) aren’t friendly. 

Winter is coming, ladies and gentlemen. It always comes. And by that time, we’ll all be pale together anyway.
Outfit details:
Faux black pearl earrings//Kohls

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Très Romantique


A few days ago, I thrifted this delicate blouse at the Salvation Army, and I have fallen in love with it. If you could wear a love poem, it would be this blouse. 

The details and lightweight fabric make it so dainty. I daresay I have never felt this comfortable in something that was not a dress. And feeling comfortable always makes for a confident countenance and a wonderful day.

Outfit details:
Blouse//Vintage via Salvation Army
Camisole//Charlotte Russe
Bracelets//Charlotte Russe
Shoes//Bumper via ModCloth
Handbag//Let Them Eat Cake via ModCloth


I feel a bit sophisticated in this ensemble...perhaps a bit mysterious, too. Like I’m all grown up.


Growing up is a rather troublesome business, isn't it? As a college student, I’m somewhat trapped in a state of pseudo-adulthood where I work to support myself (and yes, my obsessive shopping habits) but then still live at home and go to school. It’s strange dividing my grown up worries from my more juvenile whims. I’m in two parts: the artistic soul and the logical mind. Is it possible for the two to coexist? I’m hoping so.

If not, I think I would rather not grow up at all. Is that an option?

Outfit details:
Linen blazer//Vintage via Salvation Army
Lace dress (worn as blouse)//Target
Skirt//Vintage via Salvation Army
Heels//Vintage (1980s) via Salvation Army
Owl ring//Charlotte Russe

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Treasure Hunt: Frilly Lace and Barbie Shoes

Yesterday was a rather productive day of scavenging. It’s amazing what $15 can buy you at a second-hand shop. If you’re patient enough, you really can find some lovely, well-preserved pieces. I gathered a rather heavy armful of goodies; here are some of my favorite finds:

Part of me wonders if this blouse was intended to be a nightie, but another part of me doesn’t really care what it was intended for. I will make of it what I will! I adore the feminine touch of lace across the chest and the embroidery at the collar. There are so many possibilities with this: with skinny jeans, under dresses, with high-waisted skirts. Such a frilly, amicable piece for only $2. 

I call shoes like this “Barbie Shoes” since all my Barbies wore shoes like this in a myriad of colors. The soles are in pretty good shape as well as the insole, considering these appear to be from the 1980s. And they were only $1.50! Woot!

This top is hardly vintage. It’s from Old Navy, but I liked the collar and the boyishness of it. It’s gonna fit in great with my high-waisted jeans and shorts. I’d say it was $1.50 well invested.

This blazer (worn with my Safari for Two Tee from ModCloth) felt like a triumph. Not sure what era it is from, but by the label I’m estimating 1980s or 1990s. The stance is exactly what I was looking for, the off-white is classic, and the sleeves are 3/4 length. Perfect for a summer look. And all for only $4. I was pretty excited.

This over-the-shoulder handbag had no label, but goodness, doesn’t it just scream 1990s? I remember my aunt wearing patterns and colors like this when I was little. Perhaps that’s why I was instantly fond of it. Another $1.50 well spent.
Days like this, I feel rather satisfied, as though I accomplished something. (I’m just a wanna-be treasure hunter.) I’m really looking forward to incorporating these pieces into my wardrobe. No doubt you’ll see them popping up soon...I tend to wear all my new clothes quite immediately. It’s just no fun to make myself wait!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer's Fury

Quite the interesting weekend...
Sunday night was pleasant. My Love and I went to see Phantom of the Opera performed at this outdoor theater. Some friends were part of the cast, so it was exciting seeing them on stage, looking so sophisticated and theatrical. My only disappointment was the lack of passion in the relationships of the main characters. I always understood Andrew Lloyd Weber’s compositions as passionate, emotive pieces. Other than that (and the incorrigible heat) I enjoyed myself quite a bit. I’d pick seeing a live theatrical production over a cinema presentation any’s just more romantic somehow.
Then Monday came. With clouds, rain, and other natural weapons. My workday was spent in the dark, caring for discombobulated clients. On the way home, all the streetlights were blank. It seemed the weather was against me and the baking frenzy I had planned with my friends. My little house was without power for the entire day along with the rest of the city. Even WalMart was closed. WALMART! How is that possible?! Goodness, we’re all so dependent on electricity. 

Though it was disconcerting, I always find a secret thrill when the power goes out. It makes me feel like I’m living during the Renaissance...well, that or a disaster movie. Each of which would be rather exciting, don’t you think? 
Anywho, after the frustrations of cold showers and semi-cold food, I feel in the mood for some thrifting...
Surely, there will be pictures to follow :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Delightfully Delicious

Tehee...Pardon my cheesy titles...I just love alliteration.

This weekend is going to be delicious all the way through. I’m not one who likes cooking much out of duty, but on occasion it is fun to create something scrumptious. I started this weekend off by making this recipe from Cooking Light magazine. Didn’t they turn out pretty? I was rather proud of them. I served it with a salad, but I’m sure it would go equally well with a tomato basil soup.

Then I made a smoothie for dessert...because it would be tragic to go a whole day without something sweet. MMMMM. I love summertime for all the fruit. 
2 tsp. passion fruit juice concentrate (I used Langer’s because it’s all-natural)
5 large(ish) strawberries, sliced
1 banana
3 tbsp. all-natural vanilla yogurt (Dannon is my favorite)
1 cup Very Vanilla Silk (at least I think it was a cup...I sort of eye-balled it)
After indulging in these treats, I ventured outside in this equally delicious dress that I thrifted a couple weekends ago. The flippy skirt makes me feel like a dancer, and the pattern makes me think of The Secret Garden.

I love the little details of this dress. The silhouette is simple, but the straps are actually split into two. And the back swoops so gracefully. Even though it's casual, it makes me feel elegant.

More goodies to come, my dears! 

Outfit details:

Blouse//Thrifted via Goodwill
Dress//Vintage (I'm estimating 1990s) thrifted via Goodwill
Necklace//Charlotte Russe
Socks//haha, they're nylon cut offs...I'm such a dork
Shoes//Bumper via ModCloth