Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playing Outside

The weather has been particularly delicious lately. Every spare moment of mine has been spent out on my deck, in the yard, or strolling in the streets of my reasonably peaceful neighborhood. 

It is possible that I have become too in touch with nature, considering I’m dressed a bit like a tree, but I feel liberated nonetheless. 

I had to get creative with my laptop’s webcam in order to capture my tiny playful moments. Hopefully soon, I will have a digital camera like a normal blogger person. Until then, I shall be peeking at you through my MacBook’s tiny eye.

outfit details:
blouse & pearl bracelet//charlotte russe
belt//thrifted vintage via The Thrifty Boutique Resale Shoppe
shorts//Bongo (vintage 1980s) thrifted via Goodwill
shoes//Bumper via ModCloth.com
socks//Kohls (they’re bamboo cotton; isn’t that awesome?!)
sunglasses//1990s vintage

Monday, June 27, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole...into a Blogging Wonderland

I’ve not been one who displays her thoughts for all to see, so it seems odd that blogging would be such an appealing idea to me. But I suppose it may be nice to climb out of my little shell for some fresh air...

Perhaps you’d like to know a bit about me, but I think it would be better if we could get to know one another naturally, over time, rather than me spilling all my thoughts onto the internet with one click. I am trying to be more out-spoken, but I may reserve my right to crawl back into my shell from time to time. Once I get more comfortable, I’ll be more ready to share my quirky spirit with you all. Don’t worry; I do tend to become fond of people rather quickly. 
Goodness, it does seem odd for a quiet girl to start a blog. But I always have been a writer. Poetry, short stories, fiction, journaling. I still have my first journal. (I was seven years old when I started it...aww). 

Words are incredible. It’s beautiful seeing them evolve over time along with the person behind them. And so, after reading the material of other bloggers, I decided blogging would be a delightful creative outlet. I can’t say what the core theme of this blog will be. I’ve far too many interests (and creative outlets) to narrow it down right at this moment. But if you have a poetic, artistic, whimsical soul such as I do, I’m certain that this blog will become a sort of eclectic playground for all of us kindred spirits.