Friday, March 2, 2012

Featured Poet: Amber R. Nelson

The Redwood Children
by Amber R. Nelson

He said: I wouldn’t mind if you buried me on that knoll
under a red boulder from the ruins of the big house.
It was the discovery of two small graves in the Valley of the Moon.
Children of a pioneer, gripped by sickly root, lay underneath
fallen oak leaves and warm earth, tuned to the field mice
and bearded trees.  Their loneliness is expansive.
In this spot a father burst open on his knees
before trudging forth that silent morning over
newly-shaven hillsides.  A wilted lily, a redwood tree
reaching out of the ground marked with redwood tablets.
The wood oscillates.  In this soil are the hundred year old
hoofprints left by an appaloosa, the freshly-discarded
skin of a rattlesnake, the down a towhee shed in the thrust
of flight.  The boulder was rolled up to the burial ground.
The happy death: to let one’s remains give company to two others.


Featured Poet: Amber R. Nelson is a published poet and keeps a stylish little blog called Un Petit Fauve. Her poetry always seems so sophisticated to me. If you'd like to read more of her beautiful words, you can visit her blog or purchase an exquisite broadside of this poem in her shop.

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  1. How beautiful!
    I love poetry but never seem to remember to read it =/ (weird I know =p)
    I write haikus occassionally though...

    1. I love to write haikus!
      It's like doing a puzzle for me.
      You should send me some of your haikus sometime! :)

  2. Thank you again for featuring my poem!


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