Monday, June 27, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole...into a Blogging Wonderland

I’ve not been one who displays her thoughts for all to see, so it seems odd that blogging would be such an appealing idea to me. But I suppose it may be nice to climb out of my little shell for some fresh air...

Perhaps you’d like to know a bit about me, but I think it would be better if we could get to know one another naturally, over time, rather than me spilling all my thoughts onto the internet with one click. I am trying to be more out-spoken, but I may reserve my right to crawl back into my shell from time to time. Once I get more comfortable, I’ll be more ready to share my quirky spirit with you all. Don’t worry; I do tend to become fond of people rather quickly. 
Goodness, it does seem odd for a quiet girl to start a blog. But I always have been a writer. Poetry, short stories, fiction, journaling. I still have my first journal. (I was seven years old when I started it...aww). 

Words are incredible. It’s beautiful seeing them evolve over time along with the person behind them. And so, after reading the material of other bloggers, I decided blogging would be a delightful creative outlet. I can’t say what the core theme of this blog will be. I’ve far too many interests (and creative outlets) to narrow it down right at this moment. But if you have a poetic, artistic, whimsical soul such as I do, I’m certain that this blog will become a sort of eclectic playground for all of us kindred spirits. 

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I love your background.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac


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