Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hello Again

So Midterms went smashingly...My appropriate worrying earned me A's. Nerdly enough (that's right, I just created that word) I actually enjoyed taking my World Religions midterm. I knew all the answers! It was like doing a puzzle I've already mastered, or perhaps like playing the first level of Super Mario even though I already know I will beat it...It just makes me feel smart and good about myself. 

After Midterms were over, I took two days off school. I decided I deserved to slack a little. Also, my face was so broken out in zits from the stress of school, family life, and other daily chaos that I did not much feel like going in public anyway  o.O

Feeling oodles more rested and pretty now...

Although I haven't been blogging the past week, I have been taking photos. I have documentation of some adventures with Josh along with a few outfit photos. So I'll be sure to post those soon. 

And to all the lovely ladies who have been leaving me comments...THANK YOU so much for your encouragement. Your sweet words really do brighten my life. 

Outfit Details:

Hairbow//Handmade by me!!! Yay!
Cardigan//Victoria's Secret
Tights//Vera Wang for Kohls
Shoes//Charlotte Russe
Rings (which I realize you can't really see in the photos)//Antique


  1. another pretty outfit, you're always simple, understated chic. I like that cute bow!


  2. I think that is the perfect midterms outfit! It's so pretty and scholarly but stylish!


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