Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"It would protect me on the cold walk into the village for milk"

This lovely 1950s trench coat has been so trusty and warm and perfect. However, as much as I adore it, I am ready to retire it for the season. I'm also ready to retire my textbooks (at least for a time). I'm ready to instead pick up my high waisted shorts, sandals, and my leather bound journal. How I miss writing and reading for my own pleasure. I'm ready for summer's freedom and adventures.

There are so many things I want to learn that I cannot find time for while I am still in school --- ironic isn't it? I made a list of resolutions when the New Year came about, but I feel like I need to make another one for summer.

And so...some hopeful summer plans:

x learn to really sew with my new sewing machine
x learn to skillfully operate the animation software I purchased for Meep and Merp
x translate my favorite French poems
x take a yoga class
x buy a bike

And knowing me, there will be many more. I'm too ambitious for my own good.

Do you have any premature summer plans like I do?


This outfit was worn awhile ago. But some of these images didn't appear in the original post. And I am still wearing this trench coat every bitter cold April day.

This post title is a quote from Billy Collins' poem "The Lesson."


  1. like the coat... no, i love it!

    ja, there are so many things i want to learn... good english, swing dancing, sewing...

  2. Ooooo so sad to say bye to a classic for the summer months! I am just bringing my trench out for use (our weather has been soooo cold and is ust starting to really warm up again). You have some fabulous plans for summer, hope you have a blast with your new sewing machine!


  3. loving your coat. It reminds me a little of the awesome Carmen Sandiego.

  4. I always plan all sorts of things to learn and read and do over the summer too. I feel like I never get to read for pleasure when I'm at school so I plan on doing a lot of that. Only two more weeks and I'm free! Woo summer!


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