Monday, April 30, 2012

Silent, I Would Walk Barefoot Through the Forest Like a Native

Despite my feet always being ice cubes, I am happiest barefoot and free. While hiking, I often pretend I'm a Native American, sneaking around barefoot without rustling any of the leaves. But Josh makes me leave my shoes on because he insists that parasites, fungus or the black plague will soak up through the soles of my feet. And I listen to him because I know that even if those things didn't happen to me, I'd probably just stab my fragile feet with twigs or something because I'm not always the most graceful ballerina in the company

But shoes aren't so bad I suppose. And these are my favorites. Since purchasing them in January from The Paraders, I scarcely go a day without them...


  1. Those flats are really awesome. I wish I had a pair like that. I feel like they'd be really versatile. They work for any season too!

  2. I can see why you dont want to take them off. They are very cute and they look comfy too.

  3. Yeah girl, those are super duper cute. I've actually got some really similar ones, and I can tell you right now, they go with EVERYTHING! :D

  4. Nice outfits you have, your shoes look super comfortable! I have nearly similar ones (which is in my latest post) and I love them! X


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