Friday, April 13, 2012

Original Poem: Clumsy

by Rachel Marie Talan

My poems are always so clumsy...

The words sort of





in choppy rhythm.

Are they even poems at all?
Just weak collections of lines.

The writings of others
know exactly
what they're about.
They've skipped adolescence
and stopped falling over their own feet.

Their text,
black, straight, organized,
stands erect
in perfect,
rectangular columns.

Not mine though.
Mine finds a way of




As promised, this is the poem I had published in Nota Bene. I really enjoy playing with the positioning of words in my writing, and I absolutely love concrete poetry, which is a form of poetry where the words are placed intentionally out of alignment on the page in order to make a picture. It's quite fun. To me, poetry has always been like doing a puzzle.


  1. Good for you! Some people never even show anyone their work, never use it to communicate, never hold it up to scrutiny to better themselves, never share it with the world. It takes exceptional people to toil and share and expose. I'm so proud of you! :D

  2. This is really good! Seriously, I love the way you played with the positioning of the words. Its a little quirky like you :)

  3. Such a fun piece!

    I greatly enjoy writing in such unstructured-structure, and I especially enjoy creating concrete poetry. My last poem, about a cardinal, took the shape of the bird, and before that I wrote a Christmas poem in the form of a wreath.

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  5. I commented on the wrong blog! OOPS! But your poetry is BEAUTIFUL.


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