Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For Reasons, Most Wondrous

"To the garden, the world, anew ascending,
Potent mates, daughters, sons, preluding,
The love, the life of their bodies, meaning and being,
Curious, here behold my resurrection, after slumber;

"The revolving cycles, in their wide sweep, have brought me again,         5
Amorous, mature—all beautiful to me—all wondrous;
My limbs, and the quivering fire that ever plays through them, for reasons, most wondrous;

"Existing, I peer and penetrate still,
Content with the present—content with the past,

"By my side, or back of me, Eve following,  10
Or in front, and I following her just the same."

---- "To the Garden of the World" by Walt Whitman

Outfit Details:

Photos taken by Josh.

Earrings//Vintage, 1950s
Cardigan//Charlotte Russe
Dress (worn as blouse)//Vintage, 1980s
Skirt//Vintage, 1960s - via Vintage Archives
Shoes//Vintage 1960s
Handbag//Vintage 1950s


  1. Girl I love your outfit! That skirt is amazing and you took such pretty photos! x

  2. the burst of color that this golden yellow skirt brings is phenomenal. Beautiful photo set as usual :)

  3. The first picture is a lovely portrait. Worthy of a frame.

  4. These photos are so lovely. That yellow skirt is really great.

  5. Very pretty! I love your yellow skirt. It's so vibrant!

  6. Walt would have approved of a sunflower-yellow skirt. I know this. :)

  7. Those glasses are win. Talk about quirk.

  8. what an amazing yellow!

    CD x


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