Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Circle Skirt With Little Circles On It ^_^

Autumn and winter will not thwart my skirt wearing! Lately I’ve been accumulating skirts of longer lengths and thicker fabrics, preparing for another Midwestern winter. Though it’s still August, the air already is whispering of the season change. 

(During the shoot a clan of belligerent lobsters came and clobbered off my left foot...I still can't find it anywhere.)

I picked up this skirt recently, and I daresay my closet will see others like it in the future. Long, full skirts like this melt my heart and make my knees weak. They’re just so romantic, and it’s close as I can get to the lavish fashions of the late 19th century without people wondering what play I’m rehearsing for. 

I adore this cameo ring above all cameo rings. You can't see too well in my photos, but there are three women outlined here...I like to think they are goddesses ^_^

Actually -I confess- I also picked up an even longer and fuller skirt than this one merely for my own delight...Yes, I’m aware: I’m kind of a dork. 
I love a good pair of cozy sweat pants like anybody else, but I really would wear a corset, crinoline and hat on a daily basis if it were still socially acceptable. 

Which fashion era (or eras) most influences your fashion choices?
Outfit details:
Faux black pearl earrings//Kohls
Cardigan, socks, and silver bird ring//Charlotte Russe
Cameo ring//Etsy
Skirt//Vintage 1960s
Shoes//Bumper via ModCloth


  1. I too refuse to let Midwestern winters ruin my skirt wearing. That'd be doubly true if my skirt were as cute as this! And I also have a cameo ring like this, but in pink. I always say it's the Norns, three Norse goddesses/queen/prophetesses.

  2. I like the 1970's Preppy London look, with all the tweed and long coats. Too bad I live in Australia and it's well to hot for coats. But yeah, fashion like in movies like "Harold and Maude" and "Twisted Nerve".

    Also, circle skirts are made of win. I pretty much live in them.

  3. OMGGGG I adore this skirt! It looks amazing on you, fabulous color and the perfect cut. Mega skirt envy is going on right now :P

    Thanks for stopping by my blog <3

  4. I absolutely adore how you paired the polka dots with that pretty floral print and the pink socks are just such a cute extra touch. Love this outfit!


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