Monday, August 22, 2011

Cigarettes, Birth Control and Musty Suitcases

After a delicious lunch at Noodles & Company, my dear friend Angel and I decided to go antiquing at the local mall. The expedition produced some worthwhile finds, others comical, and others not so wonderful. It was a good day...

Fais les valises!

Chubby Owl! He ate all the cookies.

These glasses are bi-ficals...Aren't they fantastic?

Have a coke and a smile, darlin.

Nasty old sofa...I'm such a great friend...I made her sit on it...mwahahahah

This is Morris and Helen...They are immigrant, homeless camels from Egypt.

Earrings in the shape of cigarettes...I love the coincidence of the "No Smoking" sign.

1950s Handbag...Now a part of my wardrobe!

Antique apron...I shall be baking cupcakes in the near future!
Birth Control Pill Instructions: Place pill on the inside of left knee, then bring right knee to press firmly on the pill's opposite side. This method of birth control is proven 100% effective.

Decorating with antique film reels is sort of trendy, but I still like the idea.

I want everything in this photo...especially the hatboxes!
Those poor children in the photo look miserable, and all she could do was mock them....hahah!

I purchased that lace skirt! I couldn't resist!

More owls! So cute!

I love my best frann! She's the Lucy to my Ethel.


  1. I love going to these kinds of places. Looks like you all had a great time and found some cute things!

  2. Wow, you came across some serious gems! I love the "fingers crossed!" piece and that huge box of film reels. Looks like such a fun day!


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