Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School

Though I will miss the freedom of summertime, I’m looking forward to fall and my sophomore year of college. Last semester I dared to make friends with some classmates, so I’m hoping I’ll by chance be in class with them again. It’s always nice to have a few buds who will secretly make fun of the teacher with you ;)
I’m particularly looking forward to Intermediate French. The entire class is conducted in French, which may prove challenging, but it will be wonderful. I feel like my voice -fairly light and lilting- sounds better in French, but that could just be my imagination. Today my professor (she is a doll) brought us éclairs. In the past she has brought pain au chocolat, madelines, and crêpes. I don't know how any French people stay thin...all the pastries! So good.
I’ll also be taking Introduction to Fiction and Magazine Production, which is my way of indulging my literary fancies. When I transfer to a four year college, I'll major in creative writing, so hopefully these classes are just a taste of what literary deliciousness is to come. I’ll be sure to update my Current Reads page if I come across any intriguing literature. 

Then there’s World Religions, which I’m taking to fulfill a credit requirement, but I think it shall be interesting nonetheless. I believe it’s important to have an understanding of various religions and cultures. If we don’t, how can we expect to reach out to people? 
Are you taking classes this fall? What is your course of study?
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  1. That skirt is divine. Good luck with the semester!

  2. Cute pencil skirt - looks like a staple for this fall :) I'm so excited to not be going back to school this fall! Just finished my masters!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog <3

  3. Thanks, Meagan!

    Tasia, congrats on finishing your master's degree! What an accomplishment!


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