Thursday, August 18, 2011

Woodland Nymph

While on my nature "hike" today, I came across a coyote. Yes, that's right, I crossed paths with a coyote and failed to capture the moment on camera. Fascinated and frightened at once, my mind somehow rationalized that clicking the shutter would send the coyote into a predatory frenzy, so instead, I kept very still. For approximately fifteen seconds the coyote and I stood motionless, staring at one another, studying one another, until he casually walked into the bushes. I felt a mountain woman, a free spirit, or perhaps a woodland nymph.

Outfit details:

Dress (worn as blouse)//ModCloth
Belt//Vintage, Thrifted (see Thursdays are for Thrifters)
Necklace, bead ring, and Shoes//Charlotte Russe
Metal rose ring//Antique via Etsy


  1. .I won't know what to do if I see a Coyote. Great shots! You look lovely and sweet. I like it that you wore a dress as a top, I've to got to try it. And I also like how you mixed your prints.Nice!


  2. These are such fabulous photos. I'm dying over that owl top. I have loved all things owls for years. Thanks so much for linking up!


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