Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Can Point Fingers, Too

Taking outfit photos in public is so uncomfortable and sometimes intimidating. But I find that it is a really great way to nurture self-assurance. When you go about doing something you like, flippantly disregarding the thoughts of outsiders, you realize that, despite how demeaning their glances and opinions may be, they don't matter one bit.

At first, taking photos in public places frightened me senseless. I felt like a giant sign was broadcasting my presence and awkward behavior to passersby. 

But in reality, nobody really cares about what I'm doing. They're going about their (normal) business while I'm going about my (relatively normal) business. So it's quite probable that I'm just imagining their derogatory thoughts and assumptions, but even if I'm not, I feel a little bit powerful for influencing someone's thought patterns.

So take THAT, giant white arrow! I can point fingers, too. 

Need some encouragement, like I did? Check out this post at Laughing With Broken Eyes.

 Outfit Details:

Sweater//Vintage 1980s
Tights//Vera Wang for Kohl's


  1. You are such a cutie patootie. And that arrow/sign is the best thing ever.

  2. Oh my, love that sweater.

  3. hehe, what a funny post! Love the sign ;)

    Hybrid Hunter

  4. Haha so cute! This makes me want a giant white arrow now xD

  5. Your hair is so pretty! I love the big ringlet in your ponytail, so natural and beautiful! Your blog is wonderful, your relaxed style is very refreshing and your writing is so warm and positive. :)
    Would you like to follow eachother?
    ♥ Maria

  6. Ha! Yes take that pesky onlookers! You tell em Rachel!

  7. Love this sentiment. I always assume that people are judging me. Then I realized that I don't point fingers at others like that. So if they are, then I probably don't really want to be their friend anyway. ;)
    You look so cute in these photos. Love the skirt.

  8. Ingenious, I like a person that can poke fun at the matter. wonderful sweater and flats. I like to think to not worry about what others think because they rarely do (if that's how the saying goes) but just in case they do, it's good to feed them their thoughts :)

  9. I totally understand the awkwardness of taking photos in public! At first, I looked for the most secluded spots with the least amount of people. We would pull out the tripod, too, so that's even more obvious, lol. Lately we've been ditching the tripod and I've gotten a bit more comfortable...people have been coming up to me and my friend asking if they can take our photo together. I think most people just thing we're taking snapshots for fun, haha!

  10. This is so cute and totally what I feel all the time! LOL. The neighbors across the street from me always seem to be outside when I take pictures. Oh well. The blog must go one! :)


  11. Cute sweater! I totally know what you mean and that sign is a great example of it. Good post!

    Goodwill Huntingg: Happy Holidays Giveaway!
    Accessory alert: tassels

  12. Thanks for writing this. I'm moving into the city and there are so many great murals and backdrops in my area that I want to use for outfit posts, but there are also SO MANY PASSERSBY. I don't know if I'll even feel totally comfortable taking photos in public (especially taking self portraits with my tripod), but it feels good to know I'm not alone in my experience and paranoia that EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT ME. Oh, and that arrow with all the writing on it cracked me up! You totally hit the nail on the head with that one!

  13. Glad you posted about this. I don't mind others taking my photo (though I really love the control of being behind the lens) but it feels like a totally different ballgame using a tripod for public self portraits. Your point that strangers' opinions really don't matter is a good one to remember. Perhaps someday I'll be brave enough to pose in public!

  14. This is such a great post! Around my city, people stare and then ask if they can join? Or what I'm doing. Always awkward and fun.

  15. Haha this is great...thanks for sharing!

  16. Loved this post - actually made me laugh! - WSM.


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