Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Sweater

As much as I love receiving gifts, I enjoy giving them much more. I think a gift is always a reflection of both the receiver and the giver. When I pick out something or make something for a friend, I always consider their tastes, but I always put a piece of myself into it too. So that it's something they will see and think of me.  

I also love wrapping the presents for people. Though we aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, or a present by its package, I like for the wrapping to be pretty and special. This year I even made my own name tags for all of them with personal doodles. Meep! 

Christmas is always Pea's favorite time of year. She likes to climb the Christmas tree and take naps at the top, and she likes to help wrap the presents, too. She's obsessed with paper and plastic bags and anything else that makes a crunchy noise when she steps on it. Sorry, friends, if your present has wrinkly paper. It was Pea's contribution.

Outfit Details:

Hair Bow//The Quirky Poet
Sweater//The Quirky Poet
Tights//Vera Wang for Kohl's
Boots//Charlotte Russe
Double Ring//Target


  1. love the wintery pattern on your sweater. Your presents turned out so cute. I wish mine looked half as good as yours.

  2. your kitty is so cute! and i like your christmas sweater. fun christmas sweaters always seem so homey. lol. :)


  3. outfit isperfect!!! amazing blog!!! i'm following you!!! if you like mine,do the same!!

  4. Your sweater is awesome. I especially like it with the pretty color of your skirt. Your presents look so nice too!

  5. Love the sweater! and the color of your skirt! I have something similar and I need to wear it!!


  6. the creamy sweater with the electric blue skirt is amazing. I like your view on presents, they should have a piece of the giver injected into it.

  7. This sweater is adorable and I especially love it with the skirt. Gift giving is so much fun, but I'm also that paranoid that I'm going to pick out something they might not like. I hope everyone loved what you got them!

  8. I give you infinite points for that rad sweater. xo

  9. You are an awesome gift giver and you are an awesome gift to us!


    Robin (aka Mama)


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