Thursday, December 1, 2011

Green With Envy

Some days self-confidence eludes me. Blogging does have a way of boosting one’s self esteem and then other ways of making one feel inferior. 

While many blogs I read admonish thrifty spending and remixing, others highlight expensive brands and lavish jewelry. Seeds of envy have been sprouting in me. (It’s very unattractive.)

I think the commercialism of the holidays plays to this; it waters those seeds. Not only do we want nice, expensive things for ourselves, but we want to give the best presents too. That’s a lot of pressure and a lot of disappointment. Ironic that the most materialistic holiday of the year follows one that was set aside as a day to be thankful for what we already have. 

We truly are an insatiable culture. Nothing will ever be enough. What harsh standards we place on ourselves and one another. It’s difficult to cultivate contentment and self-assurance in that sort of environment. But I try. 

Even now, writing this, I'm feeling better about it. How blessed I am to have such beautiful people (and beautiful clothes!) in my life.

Outfit Details:

Bow Tie//The Quirky Poet
Jeans and Bracelets//Charlotte Russe
Tote Bag//Vintage from Fanciful Notions
Floral Pouch//Vintage
Socks and Shoes//ModCloth


  1. Very pretty. Love the polka dots and the lovely teal cardigan.

  2. Not gonna lie, I definitely envy the ladies who can go out and spend crazy money on expensive brands. But I envy people who can spend smartly and still look stylish way more, especially since I have such a hard time finding cute, cheap things! I love the hair bow, by the way. I'll have to buy one or two next paycheck!

  3. so true! Even without the material things every one of us is blessed in our own ways.

    In other news, thats a really cute blouse.

  4. I am in love with your gorgeous hair! And I love the bows you have from your shop...SO CUTE!

  5. Those shoes are the cutest things ever. And the bowtie with the shirt half tucked in...just darling.

  6. your mary janes are just darling.

  7. I love how soft this looks? So pale and dreamy and put together and I love those shoes and the bow tie! You are just the cutest.

  8. This is the ultimate mis of masculine and feminine. I love your blog! Your style is so sweet. I like how you wore the floral socks with the nude shoes. That's a nice touch. I also love that how tie. I'm definitely a follower!


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