Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The first snow of the season always holds magic in it. Every powdery snowflake whispers Christmas. I never quite feel Christmas-spirited until after all finals have been done with and we are graced with snowfall -- no matter how little it is. 

Now I feel it. And I have all sorts of fun Christmas ideas sparkling in my mind. This next week is going to be lovely.

 Speaking of lovely, I've really fallen for this vintage dress. With its thick fabric and rare long sleeves, it's the perfect winter dress. Despite the snow and the prickly air, I didn't feel cold at all. A dress like that is magic in its own rite. Though repeating is supposedly a faux pas, I might have to repeat this outfit for Christmas.

Outfit Details:

Trench Coat and Mittens//Target
Handbag//The Quirky Poet
Earrings, Bracelet//Charlotte Russe
Dress//Vintage (Possibly Handmade), Thrifted
Tights//Vera Wang for Kohl's


  1. This dress is magnificent. What a perfect setting for the dress!

  2. I've been waiting for snow to fall near me this year. You're right--it does make Christmas time more magical! Also, I'm loving your dress; it's so cute!

    xo, gina

  3. Love this dress! It is so amazing in person! The material is a very heavy woven material that you don't really see much these days. The hat Rachel is wearing has beautiful detail and I love it so much!

  4. Since when is repeating an outfit a faux-pas? Anyway, you look lovely; that dress is amazing and the photos are so dramatic, I love them!

  5. I just stumbled across your blog, I really love your dress, great pictures :)

  6. Repeat away! That dress deserves to be worn as much as possible!

  7. You and the dress look breathtaking! Love the backdrop in the pics. The little bows on the dress are so darling.
    Great shots!

  8. It finally does feel like Christmas, the perfect time for coco and candy canes and wrapping gifts (albeit terribly in my case). This dress is a dream on you.

  9. Your photos are beautiful! Love the dress, so glad you got some snow to put you in the mood for Christmas :)

  10. you look so cute, spinning around in the forest. that dress is a fantastic find.

  11. what a fantastic thrift find that dress is!! jealous :)

  12. Wow, amazingly beautiful dress!
    I wouldn't wear cos its a bit too long but you look awesome in it!
    District of Fashion

  13. Such a great vintage dress! I love the long sleeves and how warm it looks. I'd definitely wear it for Christmas too. I don't understand why we're not supposed to repeat outfits. Why not if you really love it? I do it. I have no shame!


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