Monday, January 9, 2012

Everyday Vintage

There is no sweater I adore more than this cozy friend. I live in this sweater. I've been informed that it is "the frumpiest sweater in existence," but I beg to argue that this is what makes it so perfect. Its over-sized, draping goodness is unmatched.

To some, vintage clothing seems inaccessible as everyday wear. But this sweater is proof that vintage can be everyday. It is possible to find vintage that is comfortable and soft. Not every vintage piece is dry clean only, scratchy wool, and made with shoulder pads.

The plaid dress and shoes in this ensemble are vintage as well. Amazing that a dress from the 1970s could appear so modern. Fashion is cyclical, so it's a wonder that more people don't use vintage in their wardrobes.

Incorporating vintage into your life becomes easier with practice, and after a while, it becomes difficult to go a day without wearing at least one vintage item.

Special thank you to Steffy of Steffy's Pros and Cons and The Paraders Vintage for the giveaway which earned me this delightful plaid dress! <3


Photos all taken by Josh! Isn't he so talented?!

Dress//Paraders Vintage, 1970s
Sweater//Vintage (Thrifted) 1980s
Pocket Watch Necklace//ModCloth
Shoes//Paraders Vintage, 1980s
Rope Ring//Charlotte Russe
Cross-stitch ring//Antique

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  1. Very cute outfit :) Love the colored tights

  2. Adorable! I especially love that sweater. I have one very much like it, but it's SO big that it isn't even wearable out of the house. Haha!

    And the back of your dress is super cute :)

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site! I love your outfit up there, didn't see anything I didn't like! The dress is lovely, love the bows on the back! The sweater in lovely too! And the shoes are to die for and I don't like
    flats! The watch is lovely too! You have a great Monday. I grabbed you button so I can visit your blog often, that way I can never miss a poem!

  4. the frumpier the better I always say. :) That dress is crazy cute. Congrats on your winnings.

  5. I love what you did with the dress! It looks amazing with the rest of the outfit!


  6. Love everything...the dress...the tights, the shoes! :)

  7. You look super lovely :) I just came acroos your blog and I love it here! think I might stay awhile and browse your archives, haha ^^ x

  8. such an adorable outfit! love the bows in the back of that dress

  9. You look so beautiful. I swear, your curls and long eyelashes--- what a dreamboat.

  10. This dress is adorable, I love the print, but the bows on the back are really what sell it. Also there's no way this is the frumpiest sweater in existence because I own much frumpier.

  11. I wish I could incorporate some more vintage into my everyday outfits. This outfit looks great on you! I'm loving the sweater and the details of your dress!

    xo, gina

  12. That dress is amazing! You're right; so much vintage is not really wearable, but when you find the special pieces, it's such a great feeling!

  13. This dress is beautiful and I NEED that necklace. Stunning!

    You pull of vintage very well.

  14. love this vintage beauty! and the cardi is lovely with it. I agree i would were vintage every day if i could, but my shop bought clothes get jealous lol;D

  15. You look fantastic in that vintage dress! It's incredibly cute. I love the detailing on the back of it. Those shoes are awesome too. I wish I had a pair like them.

  16. You look amazing :) this dress was made for you! x


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