Friday, January 13, 2012

Featured Poet: Amber Rose

The Moon Is Always Smiling
by Amber Rose

Slightly doomed, the jazz singer looks back longingly.
Pale, but not a ghost, she waves at the lingering shadow that once was.
‘Don’t look back,’ she must repeat. She’s just lost her lover,
and the flowers on his gravestone dance wickedly in the August wind.

Life is worth more than you hold it to be.
Just breathe and retire your fears,
and maybe futures can be spent with tears you’ve saved.
Don’t look outside
until the storm passes
and keep your fences clear.
The moon is always smiling.

The reflection of the ghost, a look of absolute trepidation.
Bigger in death than he ever was in life.
Am I looking through a crystal ball?
His breath lingers on my neck in the looking glass.
His eyes pierce mine and we laugh like mad children.


Featured Poet: Amber Rose is an aspiring jazz singer who also writes poetry and keeps a sweet little blog called Laughing With Broken Eyes. Her words are always lyrical and evocative. Even her blog posts are written lyrically! If you'd like to read more of her beautiful poetry, you may do so here.

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  1. Hey there, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment! Yay for vintage love!

  2. Great poem! I love these Friday poetry posts!

  3. Amber is such an amazing poet! Her words are magic.

    Oh, and by the way I tagged you in the versatile blog award in my latest post :)

  4. I love her poetry! I must submit one of these days.

  5. lovely poem. such beautiful play of words, I like her blog name too. Thanks for sharing!


  6. a true jewel. the imagery and emotion is so powerful in such a subtle way. thanks for sharing!


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