Friday, January 27, 2012

Featured Poet: Jennifer Marsh

No Cash Value
by Jennifer Marsh

Why not?
Save now! No exclusions on- family. Children. Home.
Like [s]aints consume the Basilica
More beautiful than Rome
As you fill your empty soul with
American Living Apparel-
Made in third-world countries
By children whose names you can’t spell
Their hell? Well,
That’s just sixty nine cents an hour
No math required!
And…no interest for the first six months!
50-80% off!
That’s a small price to pay
4 hour steals
That steal far more than 4 hours- of your blood. And bones.
As you destroy your future
And shatter the past
Blur the line between contentment and greed
Insist on owning everything-except you
And try to cover up, how little you really have.


Featured Poet: Jennifer Marsh and I were in class together a few semesters ago, and her poetry always floors me. Doesn't she seem like a pro? The flow of this poem is flawless, and these words bring to light such an unfortunate aspect of our culture. If you'd like to read more of her work, check out her award-winning piece in the latest issue of Voices magazine. 


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