Thursday, January 19, 2012

Original Poem: This Poem Is Broken

This Poem Is Broken
by Rachel Marie Talan

Head tilted with the
slant of writing —
I craft “To Do” lists that
never get “To Done.”
I write letters to no one,
ink screaming out of the pen,
only to forget my signature.
All my poems are half-written,
as though the ends have just
broken off and been lost.
And I swear I’ll find the glue
to fix them someday.
Even this poem is broken:
it’s missing a corner,
right here, at the


Many of my poems end up self-depricating. Should I be concerned about this?


  1. I LOVE this poem! The end is wonderful! I don't think that a poem has to be perfect, and that's the beauty of it all!

  2. i will be the first to admit that half the time, i don't understand poems. but this one is beautiful! i love it!

  3. what a cute poem, sounds like it's talking about me. haha.."ink screaming out of my pen" is such a lovely phrase.


  4. I am the queen of unfinished To Do list. Glad to know I'm not alone.


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