Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's my birthday. I can wear what I want to.

Since being 20 years old means I sort of have to be a grown up, I have to spend my birthday at my internship and in college classes. So this outfit is a bit polished and includes a blazer...because I try to look serious when I’m at my internship.

Although I’m twenty years old now and am told I’m rather sophisticated for a girl my age, I still am a whimsical, young spirit. Proof:
  1. I still sleep with a teddy bear
  2. my favorite book is a children’s book (Alice in Wonderland)
  3. I wear t-shirts with animals on them, and this dress has foxes on it
  4. I own a substantial owl collection (which is a step up from the Barbie collection of my tenth year) and each of them have names
  5. my favorite food is cupcakes
  6. and doing headstands is probably my favorite activity right now

Later today I have to do "show and tell" for my French class, and I'm taking along this purse. This is probably the first time I've ever been thrilled about the prospect of talking in front of people. I'm hoping my professor will be impressed when I say Mon sac à main a quatre-vingt ans. An "A" would be a nice birthday present.

Thank you everybody for the sweet wishes yesterday. Someday I will invent a device that will allow me to share cupcakes with you through my computer monitor.

Outfit Details:

Blazer//Zara, thrifted
Owl Necklace//Gift from Josh
Pocketwatch Necklace//ModCloth
Purse//Antique, 1930s
Boots//Vintage, Ebay


  1. First of all, have a very happy birthday!

    Best of luck with your French presentation! I've had classes the past few years on my birthday and it's not so fun, but I'm sure you'll make the best of it - headstands, fox prints and all!

    Your outfit is brilliant as usual. Whimsical yet certainly sophisticated. That blazer is just beautiful.

  2. Happy Birthday! The big 2-0 is an important birthday. I hope you get an A on your French speech!

  3. Oh, Happy Birthday!! Your outfit is so pretty--I love your blazer!

    And I'm loving your proof of a young spirit. It's so good to be young at heart! I love all the things you mentioned.

    Have a great birthday week!

    xo, gina


  4. Happy Birthday! You are such a fun, admirable person!

    Love that dress-how adorable can you get??

    Good luck on your Speech.


  5. eek, a bit late over here so I hope you were able to enjoy your birthday by more than just class and internships! Or if not hope some celebrations are in store this weekend! You look darling though, those boots are great to look professional but not too much & that old purse is just amazing. Best wishes to your new year (& 20 is not at all grown up ; )

  6. Happy Birthday! And those shoes are fantastic!

  7. Happy birthday!
    I really really love your birthday outfit. That fox print dress is fantastic and the necklace is so pretty with it. Great blazer and shoes too.

  8. happiest of berfdays rachel!!! many more years of awesome outfits! xoxo


  9. I love the print on this dress and your necklace is to die for! I love pocket watches. Amazing little list of facts about yourself. I want to be young forever. Oh, yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Also a show and tell in college? Sounds awesome even if it's in french.

  10. Love this dress, the print is so cute. I love it with the blazer. I hope you at least ate some ice cream for breakfast, before you did all the adult stuff. Please make sure you do something awesome for your birthday.

  11. That is one cool blazer! Love it.
    It is a bit late now but Happy Birthday anyway :) Wish you all the best!

  12. i love your clutch and your boots!!! so gorgeous!!
    love your blog!

    follow me too?


    Loretta xx

  13. Happy Birthday!

    Yes, it's a sad fact that, in adulthood, we don't get to take our birthdays off from most jobs. Which is why we need to hang on to our youth every way possible. Don't give up the teddy bear!

    Love your outfit and the purse is amazing. Maybe you can give us a closer look someday.

  14. The blazer is absolutely gorgeous, very elegant <3

  15. WHat a sweet little birthday outfit :) I love the print on your dress; I have a shirt with that print but it's black. I love it!

    Cupcakes is one of my favorite foods too :) Hope you have a fabulous day!

  16. This is a lovely birthday outfit! Hope you had a wonderful day. You look adorable!
    Ce sac a vraiment quatre-vingt ans?

    1. Oui! Quatre-vingt ans!
      Il était le sac de mon arrière grand-mère.

  17. Thanks for your comment :) And yes I love writing poetry! I just haven't done it in a while, but it's one of my favorite things to write. It's so cool to find other bloggers who like poetry :)

    xo, gina

  18. You're seriously adorable - I hope I'm as awesome as you when I'm twenty!


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