Tuesday, September 27, 2011

La Petite Chatte

This is my darling 11 year old kitty Pea. If you’re thinking gosh, she looks maniacal, that’s because she is.  She’s a regular kitty dictator, and though she is the smallest of them all, she rules the other pets in the household with an iron paw. She hates most people, tolerates a select few, and only shows affection to me. 
She can be cuddly and sweet, when she chooses, like any other kitty; and shenanigans and all, Pea is my most favorite furry friend. Perhaps it is her shenanigans that endear her to me. 

Her hobbies include:
Stalking me
Playing chase/hide-and-go-seek
Singing opera at 3am
Commandeering any and all empty boxes - she will rule them all
Napping atop the warm cable box
Sneaking into open dresser drawers
Making the bed - or rather, keeping the bed from being made
Staring contests

Ain’t she cute? 

Do you have any pets? I’d love to hear about them! If you'd like, send photos and a bio of you and your pet, and I'd love to feature the two of you on my blog. You can send photos here: quirkypoet471@gmail.com. Some things are just too cute not to share ^_^


  1. Love Love Love this one! She is all the things you say and more! She is the mean green eyed machine! She can be so sweet too!

  2. Staring contests.haha. I used to have a cat named Jack in high school. I would have staring contests with him which would almost invariably conclude with Jack faking me out with lunge. Then walking away twitching his tail in victory.

    Love from Oregon USA,

    an evening at the symphony


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