Friday, September 23, 2011


I love shirt dresses...they make for such delightfully low-maitenance outfits. Plus the acorn print is odd and wonderful, is it not? Acorns make me think of squirrels. And I like squirrels. They're fuzzy and adorable. Like kittens!!! 

When I was a little girl -like two years old probably- there was a sociable squirrel that would come visit my mother and me. We would feed it corn from a tiny wicker basket, and so it became our friend. It's one of the few memories I have retained from my two year old life.

And with that fond memory in my head, I'm off to school, where flocks of geese run rampant. And geese are neither nice nor fluffy. Not like squirrels. I don't like geese.

Outfit details:

Acorn Dress//ModCloth


  1. Love this dress. The print is adorable and the color looks great on you. Your hair is lovely in these photos as well.

  2. I didn't buy this dress when I had the chance, and I still regret it! It's so great. Great shoes too!

  3. Darling dress - you're totally right! Who doesn't love acorns?! I'm completely nutty for this dress :P hehehe


  4. Exactly. Who would be silly enough to like a goose? I love acorns but not squirrels so much. There is a big knot-hole in an oak tree on the street where I live. I was considering making a sign in red paint with drippy forward and backwards letters that would read "Fur Rent: No critters, weasels or varmints. Squirrels with nuts preferable." teehee
    LOVE the dress and tassel-y skids.
    Follow me?
    Love from Oregon USA,

    pink and blue

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  6. Thanks for the lovely comments on your last post :) And great dress, love the print!


  7. That acorn print is so cute! You need some tiny squirrel earrings to go with it :)

  8. Yup, that dress is a winner. Oh my, and those shoes too. Don't you just love ModCloth?
    Thanks so much for the award last week, that was really sweet :)
    Pretty Birdie Brown


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