Friday, February 10, 2012

Featured Poet: Leanna Kay

The Castle Built With Rocks That Fell into the Sea
by Leanna Kay

I built a castle with rocks that fell into the sea
And sailed a paper boat on silver lakes as sad as me.
I drank up all the happiness and moonlight with a breath,
While fallen skies and weary eyes danced with life and death.

Before the dark had settled and the sun was painted red,
We danced like daunting lovers. Our love trickled from a thread.
Garden full of white wood trees, we mingled and we sung.
Laughing eyes and foolish ties, we let ourselves be young.

While we played in the vines, I cut my fingertips
On the thorns of yellow roses, blood began to drip.
I cried out, “Where did you go?” I crept into a sleep.
Into my veins a poison cold and harsh began to seep.

When I woke, you were there, but you were not the same.
You never spoke. You smiled, but you wouldn't say my name.
My body, weak and wilted, I stood up and swayed to you.
You didn't try to catch me; like a ghost I fell right through.

You sang a song, enchanting, and it almost quelled my hurt
Until I saw my home of ivory, stained with dust and dirt.
My heart, so sick, so dull, so thin, tried to grasp your hand,
But as you looked away I slipped into a starless land.

Alone, inside the castle built with rocks that fell into the sea,
I watch you through the windows, glossy as can be.
You dance with someone else in a garden fine and fair,
And I'll remember you, though you forgot that I was there.


Featured Poet: Leanna Kay is one of the sweetest bloggers in the whole blogosphere. Her poetry always brings to mind Alfred Lord Tennyson. Isn't it so beautiful? This piece pulls at my heart each time I read it. If you'd like to read more of her work, take a little trip to her blog.
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  1. Fashion bloggers are such amazing poets apparently!

  2. Amazing post!!! Brilliant blog - looking forward to more posts from you. :-) Have a great weekend! :-)

  3. Thanks so much Rachel for featuring my poem :) It's such an honor!


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