Monday, February 6, 2012

Where I Am

Though I don’t have the pleasure of attending the IFB Conference this month, I will be making a trip to NYC in March for a writing conference. This will be my first time in New York. While I’m incredibly thrilled, I’m also incredibly frightened. 

See, I’m directionally challenged. Navigation is not one of my talents. I get lost in my own town, so I will likely be meandering hopelessly through the streets of New York with a GPS system in my hands and a glassy, bewildered expression in my eyes. 

Thinking about what I’ll wear there...probably exactly what I wear when I’m home. I don’t worry much about fitting into my environment. I don’t fit in here, so it makes no difference to me whether or not I fit into the New York aesthetic. 

Clothes aren’t so much about where I am geographically. I dress according to where I am in my mind. (And according to the temperature because no matter how strong the will, I cannot conquer the climate.)

People often ask me why do you wear that. I like to dress as though I’ve just climbed out of a novel. I like to look intriguing and whimsical because that’s where I am in my mind. I wear it because I like it. Because it makes me feel good about myself and good about my world. Because it’s comfortable. Because it inspires me and tells a story. Why would I wear something that didn’t accomplish those things? 

Why do you wear what you wear? Does it depend upon where you are on the globe?
Photos by Josh. 
Don't you love the awesome effects he used? He's such a genius. 
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Earrings//The Quirky Poet
Trench Coat//Vintage, thrifted
Purse and Shoes//ModCloth

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  1. How funny people ask you that, I've certainly never though you looked odd to ask that but then again it's prob a blogger thing. I def feel like I get funny looks sometimes in my very favorite outfits. You have great reasons for dressing like you do though. Mine is mostly just based on mood- and focused around pieces I love, usually from Mexico so they always have a special story behind them as well. Anyway, you do look like you're from a cool old storybook here- very cute and romantic at the same time and great pictures!

  2. You look great all the time! and of course Josh doing yoru photography makes you look beautiful in his eyes and what more do you need.
    You willlove your trip to NY. Just wear comfy shoes as you will do a lot of walking. When rebekah and Stirling lived there we were able to visit twice and it is a great place. People are very friendly and willing to help you find where you need to go. With your beautiful smile you will get lots of help.

    1. Thank you!
      Haha, that's comforting to know everybody is friendly. New York seems like such an intimidating place.
      I'm really looking forward to it!

  3. You ask interesting questions. And welcome to New York! I live an hour outside it on Long Island.

    The city is actually easy to navigate because it's a grid with numbered streets. If you need any advice on neighborhoods or places to see, just holler.

  4. I've never been to New York, but I'm sure your trip will be fantastic. I love the purple skirt, I like wearing outfits that make me feel fun and comfortable & confident.

  5. Such a thought-provoking post. Thank you for writing it! My friends make jokes about me being "preppy" or that I just jumped from the pages of a Ralph Lauren ad, but I don't like to be defined by buzz words and brands. Like you, I wear what I feel comfortable in, I wear what makes me happy.

    I hope you enjoy your NYC trip! I was so nervous for my first visit several years ago, but it's really quite easy to get around. Some of the touristy places are worth a quick stop. The Toys R Us store is surprisingly cool. Central Park is amazing. Hotels like the Plaza and the Waldorf are worth visiting for their architecture, not to mention the NYPL (Schwarzman Building).
    Aside from that, I encourage you to follow Frost and "take the road less traveled by." Food carts serve THE best gyro and falafel. Countless thrift shops will bring you plenty of fascinating goodies.

    Regarding my Target post...
    What a considerate yet hilarious point. Yes, I feel bad for the production assistant who would have to reset everything each time the photo didn't turn out just right.
    I'd love to read more of your poetry. I've posted some of my work online, and I've found people to be generally supportive, with either praises or constructive critiques.

  6. You look very lovely in this pretty outfit! You will like New York City! To me, it's a place that inspires and teaches. There's no way you will feel or look out of place- it's New York!!! :) I do dress accordingly to my mood and temperatures. Also, I do keep in mind people I am going to be surrounded by. I tend to dress more modest around my parents and in-laws...
    Good luck!

  7. Lovely photographs! I definitely dress to accommodate where I am, if I'm in the country you'll find me layered in knitwear and cosy clothes, but if i'm in the city I feel more confident to wear more daring things!

  8. Man you pull off curly bangs so well! I just got mine cut and am going to attempt the same...on a day when I might not have to go out in public if things go wrong! You listed a great reason on why you wear what you wear. I'm an actor so "dressing in character" is always an essential part of that characters development. It also makes getting dressed exciting! Who will I be today? What era? It's like when you go through your moms closet as a kid and play dress up, but in the real world.

    1. Aww, thanks! I bet it'll look great on you!
      That's awesome that you're an actor. I totally get what you mean about dressing in character. The clothes we wear definitely do affect our mindset.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Do you keep a site? I wasn't able to view your profile, and I'd love to check out your blog if you have one :)

  9. Hahaha I am completely with you on the navigation thing. I am terrible with it!! Zero sense of direction. You'll be fine in NYC though I think, it's pretty much a grid. I've had the most trouble in Europe before, places like York and all of their winding medieval streets!

    Thanks for reminding me of why I like fashion with this post, btw. I spent all of high school wishing I had the guts to wear the things that I wanted to in my head, and when I moved away for college I finally went for it and was never happier! I love that my wardrobe and look is eclectic, that I can reach for the brightly colored or interestingly shaped garment in the thrift store and feel confident that I can pull it off...because I am dressing for me and what I myself love.

  10. keep doing what you're doing. you always look wonderful and unique. Hope you have a great time in NY. How long will you be in town?

    1. I'll only get to be in town for about three days :( Hopefully I can see everything I want to see during that time!

  11. I love this coat! New York isn't as great as everyone says. It's basically exactly like the movies: noisy, cluttered, filthy, and every man (or woman) for herself. I much prefer Chicago over it. But getting around is pretty easy if you have a smart phone. the iPhone is designed for navigating big cities and for using their transit. Total life saver. What's the conference for?!

  12. I hope New York is fun! I've been, and it was really fun and so interesting to see how different it is from my own small town!


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