Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mon petit placard.

    So this is my little bedroom and my closet. The reason the closet appears so sparse is because all the clothes are piled on the bed after laundry day. My room tends to be rather chaotic, and none of my bedding matches. But what did you expect of a quirky poet?

    I kind of like taking photos in here...being inside means I get to listen to music. And then pose ridiculously because I’m dancing around like a five year old watching Spongebob. 
    I also get to be with my bestemest furry friend Pea, who likes all my mismatched blankets.

    Outfit Details:

    Shorts//Vintage, BONGO 1980s
    Tights//Vera Wang for Kohl's
    Boots//Vintage, Ebay


    1. Aw, you look so adorable! That's one cute kitty. Your room reminds me of mine!

      Love that outfit :) Your shorts and tights look so darling!

    2. haha, I always dance redicilous too when taking outfitphotos, and as if it were a miracle there are always good shots in there! I love your floral top here ;) xo Nikki

    3. Who are some of your favorite musicians/bands?
      I'd suggest the Buffalo Exchange, Housing Works, and any Goodwill or Salvation Army. There are plenty of small, stand-alone or pop-up shops run by local charities which seem to offer rather cheap yet incredible deals. The Hell's Kitchen Flea is famous for carrying all sorts of cool stuff. Just expect to pay more at most places than you probably would at your local thrift/vintage shop.

    4. First of all, your cat is just adorable! I have to take blog pictures in my little room too (there is no space or sunlight outside, to not even mention the six flights of stairs and weird people in the park) and I always struggle trying to take chic pictures. Yours turned out great though! Any secrets?

      if you have a chance, check out my blog!

    5. you've got some killer moves ;)

    6. Haha love it! Your cat is adorable, and yes, taking pictures in bedrooms always means dancing around like a crazy person! And I like your mismatched blankets!

    7. I can't help it I just love shorts + tights. Also, your kitty is adorable. He looks so angry that you are taking his picture. (I love it when cats make that face).

    8. i love that floral tee so fabulous.

      xo katlin

    9. thats cats a cutie! just like you!!!


    10. Those earrings are so fun! I always enjoy a big pair of awesome earrings like those. Your casual outfit is so cute too!


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