Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage Jedi

I tell no lies. I thrifted this beautiful vintage trench coat for a grand total of 49¢.

And it's fully lined. And it's warm. 

Makes me feel kinda dumb for buying a trench coat from target a couple months ago for $20, thinking that was a nice price for a basic trench. But I was young and naïve then.

So how did I manage such a thrifty win? Well, during my most recent excursion to the Salvation Army, I discovered that each Saturday, the clothes marked with the color of the week are all 49¢ from 4pm to 8pm. Pretty cool, right? 

So, no, I'm not really a Jedi, capable of mind-tricking people into giving me pretty clothes for mere pennies. 

Outfit details:

Trench coat//Vintage, thrifted
Scarf and gloves//Target
Necklace//Charming Charlie's
Dress//The Paraders
Blouse//Charlotte Russe
Cardigan and Jeans//Target

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  1. Aw wow that coats lovely! What a cute neckalce too!

  2. how darling is this look on you my dear.
    so in love with that dainty coat.

    xoxo katlin

  3. SUCH a great find!
    I need to go thrifting again...I've been trying to keep away while I finish all the thrifting projects I already have, but your find is weakening my resolve!

  4. Quite the thrift deal, Rachel Marie Skywalker. I love the blues in your outfit, and especially how the necklace pulls everything together.

  5. 49 cents? Awesome! I love it when thrift stores have big sales like that.

  6. Holy cow! Great find. I love thrift-store bargains.

    The pattern and colors in your dress are lovely.

  7. What a great deal. That's a seriously amazing coat! I love the print and color of your dress. I think my local thrift does 50 cent Sunday's and 75 cent Monday's. It's pretty crazy to think of all the gems going out for that cheap.

  8. wow that is a great price! You really scored on that one!

  9. That coat is amazing! I'm amazed it even has that warm and cute lining! & don't worry, I thought just the same and then felt silly also after I started thrifting a lot. Thanks for the tip, I'll def check that one the Salvation Army around here too. & thanks about my top- The Chickadee tops are really special to me : ) Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  10. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying such sweet things-- I LOVE your site, too! Definitely following. This outfit is gorgeous! Love the plaid, and LOVE the owl necklace! Let's be friends!


  11. That coat was an amazing find! Wow! I need to check and see if my Goodwill has that special too because I'll definitely be looking if I can find deals like that.


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