Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Early Afternoon Sitabout Dress"

“There are clothes for early morning, clothes for shopping, clothes for every type of luncheon party, the early afternoon sitabout dress...a cocktail time dress, a little dinner dress...the quiet evening dress...” ---Doris Langley Moore, Fashion Historian

Outfit details:

Blouse//Vintage via Salvation Army
Dress//Vintage via Goodwill
Belt//Vintage via The Thrifty Boutique Resale Shoppe
Leggings//Vera Wang for Kohls
Shoes and Owl Ring//Charlotte Russe


  1. Great outfit- great hair! I wish I had better vintage shopping skills... also better hair :P

  2. Aww you're sweet! Don't give up! Thrifting takes lots of patience, I've learned. It's only successful if the time is not rushed.

  3. Everything I find that I like is usually way too expensive! I did however wear a thrifted dress for my wedding which was a success, but was hardly a bargain.

  4. Hmm...where do you thrift? I normally thrift at places like Goodwill and Salvation Army. But if I'm looking for something specific, Part of the reason I enjoy thrifting is for the bargain ^_^

  5. Rache, where was this pic taken? Is it at your house? I don't recognize the chair. Am I losing it? (Senior moment?) Beautiful done though, wherever it is.

  6. The first photo was taken in my room, but the others are in our living room :)


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