Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer's Fury

Quite the interesting weekend...
Sunday night was pleasant. My Love and I went to see Phantom of the Opera performed at this outdoor theater. Some friends were part of the cast, so it was exciting seeing them on stage, looking so sophisticated and theatrical. My only disappointment was the lack of passion in the relationships of the main characters. I always understood Andrew Lloyd Weber’s compositions as passionate, emotive pieces. Other than that (and the incorrigible heat) I enjoyed myself quite a bit. I’d pick seeing a live theatrical production over a cinema presentation any day...it’s just more romantic somehow.
Then Monday came. With clouds, rain, and other natural weapons. My workday was spent in the dark, caring for discombobulated clients. On the way home, all the streetlights were blank. It seemed the weather was against me and the baking frenzy I had planned with my friends. My little house was without power for the entire day along with the rest of the city. Even WalMart was closed. WALMART! How is that possible?! Goodness, we’re all so dependent on electricity. 

Though it was disconcerting, I always find a secret thrill when the power goes out. It makes me feel like I’m living during the Renaissance...well, that or a disaster movie. Each of which would be rather exciting, don’t you think? 
Anywho, after the frustrations of cold showers and semi-cold food, I feel in the mood for some thrifting...
Surely, there will be pictures to follow :)

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