Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Treasure Hunt: Frilly Lace and Barbie Shoes

Yesterday was a rather productive day of scavenging. It’s amazing what $15 can buy you at a second-hand shop. If you’re patient enough, you really can find some lovely, well-preserved pieces. I gathered a rather heavy armful of goodies; here are some of my favorite finds:

Part of me wonders if this blouse was intended to be a nightie, but another part of me doesn’t really care what it was intended for. I will make of it what I will! I adore the feminine touch of lace across the chest and the embroidery at the collar. There are so many possibilities with this: with skinny jeans, under dresses, with high-waisted skirts. Such a frilly, amicable piece for only $2. 

I call shoes like this “Barbie Shoes” since all my Barbies wore shoes like this in a myriad of colors. The soles are in pretty good shape as well as the insole, considering these appear to be from the 1980s. And they were only $1.50! Woot!

This top is hardly vintage. It’s from Old Navy, but I liked the collar and the boyishness of it. It’s gonna fit in great with my high-waisted jeans and shorts. I’d say it was $1.50 well invested.

This blazer (worn with my Safari for Two Tee from ModCloth) felt like a triumph. Not sure what era it is from, but by the label I’m estimating 1980s or 1990s. The stance is exactly what I was looking for, the off-white is classic, and the sleeves are 3/4 length. Perfect for a summer look. And all for only $4. I was pretty excited.

This over-the-shoulder handbag had no label, but goodness, doesn’t it just scream 1990s? I remember my aunt wearing patterns and colors like this when I was little. Perhaps that’s why I was instantly fond of it. Another $1.50 well spent.
Days like this, I feel rather satisfied, as though I accomplished something. (I’m just a wanna-be treasure hunter.) I’m really looking forward to incorporating these pieces into my wardrobe. No doubt you’ll see them popping up soon...I tend to wear all my new clothes quite immediately. It’s just no fun to make myself wait!


  1. hooray what lovely finds!
    treasure hunts are the best ;)
    Pretty Birdie Brown

  2. Girl, you are one THRIFTY shopper!! I absolutely adore the lacy, embroidered top no matter what it is supposed to be. It's gorgeous on you. Keep it up! You are the best I've seen at this.


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