Friday, July 1, 2011

Feed Your Soul

Two years ago I attended a poetry reading given by Joy Harjo, a Native American poet. Her pieces were beautiful, especially with the way her voice carried them, but mostly I remember the message she conveyed between the poems. When she spoke to us, she had a genuine reverence for poetry, nature, and life. Her advice to the aspiring poets in the audience was to “Feed your soul.” I’ve carried those words with me, and each time I feel uninspired in my writing, I try not to debase myself, though I do feel prone to it. Instead, I acknowledge my hungry spirit and search for what I must do to nourish it. Sometimes that means abandoning my pen for awhile and exploring other realms of creativity. I’ve learned to take refuge in the notes of music, to let it erase all senses but sound. I’ve learned to paint and doodle without purpose, hoping the color stains my fingers. I’ve learned that the touch of a dress’s fabric can be soothing and empowering at once. And I’ve learned to be quiet, to take off my shoes and feel the earth’s skin with my own. For who can better teach me to create than the Creator himself? 
Today, when I put on this blouse, I felt like one of Harjo’s poems, and I felt my soul become a little fuller. 

Outfit details:
Jeans//Charlotte Russe

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