Monday, July 25, 2011

My Owl Collection: Meet Edgar

Proper Name :: Edgar (Allen Poe)
Origin :: Edgar was adopted from ModCloth.

Best feature :: Killer style. And he knows he’s suave.
Favorite things :: Cardigans, sneakers, and big sunglasses.

(This is me being suave.)

Why I love him :: My style tends to be very girlish, and in a subtle way, Edgar lets me express my more edgy, rock-n-roll side. It’s good to explore different facets of my style, of my personality, now and again.
Outfit details:
Barrette//Vintage 1960s
Faux black pearl earrings//Kohls
Cardigan//Charlotte Russe

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  1. Who doesn't love an owl : ) ? I while I don't have any own clothing items I think I have way to many owl knickknacks : )


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