Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Owl Collection: Meet Owl-fred

I've adored owls since taking an elementary school field trip to the Pecatonica Forest Preserve. They are such elegant creatures, aren't they? Despite my admiration of them, I only just recently began incorporating their beauty into my wardrobe. Owl-fred is the pioneer of my collection.

Name :: Owl-fred

Origin :: Owl-fred is a broach, adopted from the Rockford Antique Mall.

Best feature :: Large blue eyes and lots of character. In his former life he lost track of a few rhinestones, but it’s only led to maturity and enlightenment (note the furrowed brow).

Favorite things :: Pearls, Peter Pan collars, and silky scarves. 

Hobbies :: Thinking pensively and socializing with other intellectual broaches.

Why I love him :: Broaches, though such small pieces, can add character and sophistication to an outfit. Because Owl-fred is gold and serious, he adds that sophistication. But then because he is missing a few rhinestones, he also adds personality. I considered replacing the rhinestones at one time, but I'm a person who likes the perfection of imperfections. I like the quirks.


  1. 1. I love your style :]

    2. I love how Owl-fred has his own little "about me" section.

    3. Rockford has an antique mall!?!? Please elaborate!

  2. Oh,

    4. You're blog is absolutely amazing. I love how you have it dedicated to your style!


    5. Your blog outline/look is a lot cooler than mine... like... if our blogs were to duel... yours would win....

    Have a fantastic day! :]

  3. Haha, you are too adorable, Amanda!
    Rockford's Antique Mall is on State St. by Guitar Center. There is also another antique shop off of Charles St. I haven't been in that one yet though. Hopefully soon!
    I found my blog background here: http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/
    I'm not skilled enough to make my own :P To be honest, all of this computer/html stuff is very intimidating!

  4. I will have to check that out as soon as I get home! :D I love antique stuff! Thank you for the blog background site! :] My boyfriend can make them because he's a major computer nerd but having this site will actually make my blog cuter, faster. Even though I haven't been on since I left the states :/ Sigh. I should probably get on that!

  5. That's awesome! Maybe we could go together sometime :)

    I bet blogging would be such a fun way to keep a sort of journal/photo album of your trip. I hope you're having an incredible time over there! I'm super jealous ;)


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