Saturday, July 16, 2011


I feel a bit sophisticated in this ensemble...perhaps a bit mysterious, too. Like I’m all grown up.


Growing up is a rather troublesome business, isn't it? As a college student, I’m somewhat trapped in a state of pseudo-adulthood where I work to support myself (and yes, my obsessive shopping habits) but then still live at home and go to school. It’s strange dividing my grown up worries from my more juvenile whims. I’m in two parts: the artistic soul and the logical mind. Is it possible for the two to coexist? I’m hoping so.

If not, I think I would rather not grow up at all. Is that an option?

Outfit details:
Linen blazer//Vintage via Salvation Army
Lace dress (worn as blouse)//Target
Skirt//Vintage via Salvation Army
Heels//Vintage (1980s) via Salvation Army
Owl ring//Charlotte Russe


  1. I love how you've gotten most of your stuff from the Salvation Army! Never thought of that, but our Salvation Army is small and it smells! lol I bet you find some great finds there!

  2. hahaha...our salvation army is indeed relatively just can't breathe in too deeply and absolutely must wash your hands six times when you get home ;)


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