Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy As A Lark

Ok, so I look severely pouty in these photos, but that is the total opposite of how I'm feeling! 
This Saturday I leave for New York for the media arts conference, and I am completely thrilled!

I'm going with a group of people from my journalism class, which will be delightful because they are delightful people, but I still wish I could take my Josho with me (sigh).
But anyhow...I have a few plans formulating in my little curly head. I'm desperately wanting to visit central park and a few organic restaurants in the area. Unlike my town, NYC actually has options for people who hate eating chemicals. So as you can imagine, I'm happy as a lark ^_^

I'm also planning to visit whatever shops are in Times Square. Anyone know of a vintage shop in that area? I'd love an authentic 50s dress as a souvenir! In fact, I'm packing my suit case full of food so that I can save most of my food money for a dress instead. Priorities, people, priorities!

Outfit details:

Earrings//Charlotte Russe
Blazer//Vintage, 1980s
Necklace//Charming Charlie's
Shoes//Jeffrey Campbell


  1. What a pretty outfit. The necklace is especially cute.

    I live an hour outside NYC (on Long Island) and go in frequently. The Times Square area is the hardest to find anything nice: it caters to tourists and serves the worst, overpriced food and worst, overpriced clothes. You'll need to venture beyond there to find anything good.

    Also, Manhattan has become super-expensive in the last two decades so there are no real thrift-stores there, only retail. There are vintage stores but the prices are sky-high, usually higher than regular stores because the shoppers are rich and the clothes have been "curated".

    I'm sorry to be the messenger of bad news: you can find some nice stuff either downtown (especially Bleecker Street) or in Brooklyn (which is only a subway ride away). Hip clothes for young people isn't in Times Square or uptown where rich people shop.


    1. Well, bummer. Thanks for the info! I really appreciate your honesty :)

  2. Your shoes are unbelievably cool.

    Hope you enjoy the conference!!!

  3. Love those shoes! The color combo is such a refreshing take on the classic oxford :) and jeals of your floral blazer.


  4. haha, glad to hear you got your priorities straight! But I think you should pavck this blazer and those cute shoes too. They are both amazing! xo

  5. This outfit is so cute! I love the floral blazer and those amazingly adorable loafers.

  6. I sure do like that blazer. Have fun in NY! I dont really know of any vintage shops in the Times Square area, everything there tends to be pretty touristy. There is a great department store (Century 21) in lower Manhattan and quite a few reasonably priced vintage shops in Brooklyn. Oh and if you want to go to the best used bookstore ever, stop by Strand on 12th & Broadway. Love that place!

  7. This outfit is perfect for the Spring. I have a little collection of 1980s blazers, mainly because I think the patterns are so unique. The pastels on yours are perfection.

  8. awesome blazer ans shoes! the pattern of this blazer looks so springy!

  9. pretty blazer <3

    XO Sahra
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  10. Those shoes are super adorable :)

  11. You look great. Loved your floral blazer and flat shoes!


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