Monday, March 5, 2012

Playing Dress Up

After an eternity (no exaggeration there) of devoting myself solely to workworkworkworkwork, I indulged in a brief round of dress up yesterday. I also spent time watching old episodes of House, made some muffins, and then decided I would do some painting with watercolor. Yep, I play dress up, write poetry and I paint too. 

Some people say that makes me a hippy. My brother says I have a chubby seven year old spirit trapped inside me. Which I suppose isn't too far off. I live off of sugar, and I mean, seriously, I'm wearing a t-shirt with a giraffe and a lion riding a tandem bike.

Outfit Details:

Necklace//The Quirky Poet

But there's nothing wrong with that :)
What sort of things do you like to do in your free time?


  1. people are down right shocked when they hear the amount and type of video games i play. here i am, a 24 year old who wears cute little dresses and knits, but also sits at home on her xbox. i think it's fun to play 'dress up' - whenever i get new clothes i do a 'fashion' for my husband and we always sing this from the office :

    i love ALL of the shoes here -especially those little pink loafers! ah - adorable. and your shirt is too cute, as well

  2. What a lovely idea for a post, so cute! I definitely enjoy venting my creative side the same way as you do, there's definitely nothing wrong with that!

  3. These pictures are adorable! That sounds like the perfect way to spend a day! My school break just started, so I've been visiting family and rereading my favorite books from 5th grade, which I do every spring. It's so nice to relax and do what you want for a change!

  4. oh, I play dress up everytime I get something new, haha. Then I go stand in front of my closet and try on tons and tons of clothes and photograph everything that looks good and safe those pictures on my laptop for when I have one of those days where I don't know what to wear. What a long sentence. xo Nikki

  5. This is such a cute post!! I love your idea of free time. It sounds very relaxing. Your shirt is ADORABLE.

    In my free time I usually sit around and watch my favorite tv shows on netflix or listen to music...ahhh :)

  6. Cute pictures! And there's nothing wrong with playing dress up--I do it whenever I buy some new things. It's so much fun!

    xo, gina

  7. You're no hippie, but you're officially the living definition of whimsy. ;-D

    My free time is devoted to writing music and poetry, enjoying time with family and friends, and sartorially changing the world via the blogosphere - one awkwardly dressed guy at a time.

  8. Your hair looks so pretty and I love these photos! In fact, I want those brown oxfordish heels in the photos. So perfect. And who isn't fueled on sugar and childlike wonder? That's what life is made of!

  9. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Your inner seven year old and my inner twelve year old would get along swimmingly.

  10. You look very cute, and those shoes and skirt are lovely! :)
    i agree, there's nothing wrong with that...and your free time seemed very well spent, muffins, watercolor and tv series, are always a win!


  11. omgoodness please give me your shirt!!!!

    k xx

  12. That first photo of you is so utterly adorable!

  13. I love this! All of the shoes are amazing! Cooking and painting and dress up? Count me in!

  14. cute skirt...

    i'm following. :)


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