Friday, March 9, 2012

Featured Poet: Jill McFee

by Jill McFee
It would be easy
to lay down our lives
like spades after plowing
and walk away with nothing

but the stories on our backs
the vein maps to everywhere
we’ve already been

I would walk away with you
our hearts in hobo sacks
we trade and sling over our shoulders
as the dust of the road paints our faces

we’ll know when we’re there
because it is somewhere far from anywhere
and it is where we will plant
a flag and lie in the grass
without wondering where there
is a washing machine
Featured Poet: Jill McFee is a bubbly, adorable multi-talented lady, and if you'd like to get to know her better (which obviously you do!) you can find her lovely blog here
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  1. Sometimes just packing up and starting fresh somewhere new is just what the doctor ordered. Of course its easier said than done :)


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