Monday, March 26, 2012

Return of the [Vintage] Jedi

After many adventures in New York City, I have returned!
This is the delightful ensemble I wore to dinner with Josh the night before I departed.
He said, "Those shoes are really cool. You look really pretty tonight."
To which I said, "Thanks, love. I kinda thought so too."
False modesty never has suited me...
But don't you ever have days where you look in the mirror and think, Man, I look gooood?
Yeah, I like those days.

I'll be back later this week with some of my photos from New York :)

Outfit details:

Cardigan//Charlotte Russe
Purse//Charming Charlie's
Shoes//Vintage, 1960s


  1. Oh my gawd.. :)
    This my favorite among favorite of your outfits!! You look so cute! I love you sista!

    -Bestie Boo

  2. LOVE this outfit, I adore the little lace details in the cardigan!

  3. I love your shoes :)

    And NYC is the greatest,can't wait to see those photos.


  4. I love the shoes and cardigan! The whole outfit is perfect :) Will definitely be checking back for some fun NY pics!
    Happy Monday,
    xo Hannah

  5. you do look good! Those shoes are killer and make your legs look a mile long.

  6. You DO look really lovely. And those shoes are awesome. Days that I can look in the mirror and be really happy about the way I look are my favorite days.

  7. I love those days! Ah, if only they occurred more often.. Navy is a great color on you. And I love that lace detailing on your cardigan!

  8. I believe my response can be encapsulated here:

  9. love love the outfit! Everything about the outfit is amazing, but what really strikes me is the necklace. Lovely!

  10. I like your dress, shoes and purse! You look adorable. X

  11. You look so cute. I love the navy dress with that adorable cardigan.


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