Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Hate Jeans

It's true. I hate jeans. I own a few pairs so as not to seem like an American pariah, but I hate wearing them. Especially the hip huggers. With a long waist like mine, low-rise jeans = plumber's crack. And that's not lady-like or attractive by any means. (I know I'm not the only one this happens to! I've been to WalMart!)

So when I found this pair of retro bell-bottoms, I fell in love. They're corduroy and a delicious chocolate brown. So comfortable. Ahhh...my new pants and the spring sunshine have made for a very pleasant afternoon.

Outfit Details:

Blouse//Vintage, 1980s
Owl Necklace//Antique
Bell-bottoms//Revolve Clothing


  1. I can't stand jeans either.. but I found a very similar pair that I'll throw on during a crunch! These are lovely Rachel .:)

  2. It's so nice when you find a pair of jeans that fit just right!

  3. Where's revolve clothing?? Love the pants chica! <3 they look so cute on you. Love ya best fraann :)

  4. I haaaaate wearing jeans too, I just find them so completely uncomfortable how they sit right under my little pudge... and ta-da, why I love vintage for high-waisted things that are way more flattering and comfortable. Anway you look seriously fantastic in those pants though & i love that top color- great on you! I'm actually majorly jealous bcuz I thrifted one for my mom just like that- looked awful on me.

  5. aaaahahahaha I love your walmart comment. So true!!

  6. Me either! Although you would never know if you saw how many pairs of jeans I actually own. I think I only wear maybe two pairs. This look great on you.

  7. I'm getting sick of wearing jeans all the time. And haha about Walmart! I'm loving your top in this outfit too :)

    xo, gina


  8. Those pants are wonderful and so insanely you. I love them with the orange top. Orange is an often forgotten color in my wardrobe and I'm loving it on you! And you're not alone...I hate pants. They are the worst looking things on me. Enjoy the sunshine!

  9. I hate jeans too. They used to be a symbol of freedom, now they just make all people look the same.
    But this pair looks cute on you and I loved your Walmart joke!

  10. That is an AWESOME color on you! Love the owl too. ;)

  11. that blouse is perfect - it's really a great color -and not like a neon orange- but that perfect fresh fruit orange! those are amazing pants as well - i really can't do jeans either - but i never, even find pants that fit well that aren't some version of slightly structured jeggings.

    also that necklace. awesome.

  12. Those retro corduroys look so cute on you! I love a higher waisted jean.

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  14. I adore jeans. In fact I can honestly say i would have a lot of trouble living without them. Most of the time when I start to put on a dress or skirt i give up half way through and pull on my go to pair of jeans. or, given the temperature jean shorts. If I have to dress up, i love going home to pull it all off and slip on my favorite pair of denim. They are soft as pj's, and still make you feel like you have on armor. They are bad ass, girl next door, sexy, tomboy casual and everything else. LOVE jeans. But I have recently given up the lower rise, and almost everything I have now is high rise. This includes slacks and skirts too. I like wearing them with a crop top so they meet at right above the belly button, or right below. I would definitely wear those cords.


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