Thursday, March 29, 2012

New York City: a Tale of Adventure and Anxiety

Upon arriving in New York City, panic tightened in my chest -- the buildings are so tall and I'm so small and look at all the people and OHMYGOD THAT BLACK SUV ALMOST KILLED ME!!! I was ready to tell the shuttle driver I'd pay him $100 to take me back to the airport so I could go home. But, like all the other New Yorkers, he was too quick and had already driven away by the time my brain had calmed enough to process my fight or flight response. So I stayed. And I'm glad I did. After visiting Times Square, feeling the calm, openness of the wind, the long streets and tall buildings seemed to shrink a little. Claustrophobia subsided and I felt my normal size again.


My most favorite stop in Times Square was, unsurprisingly, the Disney store. It was the only store in which all the employees were happy and friendly. I skipped my way through the two story haven and came out with a delightful Cheshire Cat mug which makes my hot tea even more wonderous. I do so wish they made dreamy princess dresses in my size.

Across the street from the hotel was a quaint French restaurant where I enjoyed ratatouille with goat cheese. MMMMM...favorite meal of the trip. Well, besides all the cupcakes I ate. And I ate a lot of cupcakes: white chocolate blueberry, apple crisp, cookie dough, and raspberry swirl cupcakes to be exact.

Central Park was a mere three blocks away from the hotel, and it was much more lovely than I imagined it would be. I got to see the Balto statue, which pleased me so greatly. I never had guessed that visiting New York would fulfill so many of my childhood aspirations. I also visited the John Lennon memorial. The sign here says that musical instruments and machine-projected sound are prohibited, which I find rather ironic. John Lennon would have a fit I think. So I just started singing Strawberry Fields as loud as I could without embarrassing myself.

By the second day of shopping in New York, I was rather depressed that I couldn't have any of the gorgeous dresses. I absolutely adored the Anthropologie store, and oh goodness, they had the most beautiful minidress. But it was $300. So I left the beautiful shop empty handed and feeling rather disappointed in our gimme-more culture. I ought to be more grateful for the lovely things I have. They are enough.

I was assured by dozens of parties that it is quite impossible to lose your way in New York City, and I assured these parties that I of all people would find a way. And I did just that. On two occasions. Both of which took me at least an hour beyond my destination. Oh, it was delightful. Just delightful. My feet hate me for it still. 


After meandering hopelessly off track, I eventually made it to the proper subway, which apparently has new switches and less hitches and witty poets who frequent it. This filthy subway took me to Staten Island, where I saw the statue of Liberty in all her glowing, evening glory. She was breathtaking. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture her beauty with my chintzy camera. BUT I did get this serendipitous shot of the city. Look at all the little blurry music notes my camera's bad exposure made! It pleases my whimsical heart.  

It was a lovely trip. But my body and I are happy to be home - at a consistent ground level! - in one piece.


  1. ah!!!!! what a great trip. i love the disney store - the one in new york is so superb - and i know the EXACT mug you are talking about - i have it too and it's my fave :D it's great because it holds like double the tea and it's a never ending cup i swear.

    crumbs cupcakes! mm i'm jealous!

    looks like you had a great time and wore some adorable things. i love all the photos.

    <3 katherine

  2. Absolutely brilliant post! You've got amazing sense of sense of style. Have a great day! Fantastic blog by the way....

  3. sounds like you had a grand time. I too love that the disney store. I just wish it was always so crowded.

  4. I don't know how I missed this post: it's so special.

    What a glowing report on your trip, with beautiful photos. You saw NYC as only a visitor can, which is nice for us jaded natives. Glad you had fun.


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