Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Pauper's Instagram

I haven't had the patience for taking outfit photos lately. What with the clicking, self-timing, and not being able to wear stretchy pants. But then again I never intended this blog to be solely devoted to photos of me posing like a wannabe Kohl's model.
So here's a glimpse of my most recent shenanigans.
(I'm poor, so I don't have an iPhone or Instagram.)

Pea is quite pleased with springtime and open windows next to birds' nests. She chats with them on occasion. I imagine the conversation to be something along the lines of "Blast! If it were not for this screen, I would capture you and...make you my friends."

 Don't ask me the name of this yoga pose. I couldn't tell you. In my mind I remember it as the one where I make a triangle shape with my arms and leg.

Haha. Lois Lane. Get it. Ha. 

I've been making a lot of Meep and Merp doodles. I also ordered animation software, so soon there will be animated Meep and Merp cartoons floating around the internets. Yay!!

And these are hedgehog earrings that I scored for $2. Their names are Tina and Tino. They amuse me.

Alas, do not let your heart be troubled...I shall return on Thursday with an outfit post.
Because I really am just another wannabe Kohl's model.


  1. Wow, you're limber. I couldn't do that pose without rope and tackle. The earrings are cute.

  2. I love your blog :) I think it's good to not post outfits all the time, it breaks things up a bit...
    Oh and you have inspired me to take up yoga again :)


  3. Heehee those hedgehog earrings are adorable! I love them!



  4. I really enjoyed this post! I love seeing what's going on in other people's lives. Stalker! :p

  5. That yoga pose looks very fun... and challenging... and painful.

    Lois Lane. Awesome.

    Cute little characters.

    And lastly, I hope you'd never confuse those hedgehog earrings with REAL hedgehog earrings... or else you might end up with lots of extra piercings. Ouch. ;-p

  6. nah - you aren't a wannabe kohl's model! all you vintage clothes are really inspiring and great - i love seeing what you do with them.

    looking at the negative triangle space of that yoga pose is really cool - it really is a triangle!

    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE those earrings. i want themmmmm

  7. Doing yoga outside always seems like a good idea to me because like your photo, it looks beautiful. But I get all distracted by how lumpy the earth is!

  8. love the earrings! and the yoga!
    pictures that make me happy :)

  9. Such a sweet little peek in your world... oh, and you make me want to do yoga again too... and Tina and Tino are very very cute :)
    Good luck!


  10. I'm poor and I have an iPhone! It was only 99$. Not bad! But I like this all the same and I must say question your sentiment...is anyone a wannabe Kohls model? Yeah, I don't know about that, Rachel. Also you're yoga pose is insane. My mind is blow.

    1. Haha, when I was a little girl, my dream was to be a Kohl's model LOL. Maybe I'm crazy :P

  11. Those earrings are super cute! and oh wow, that yoga pose looks painful to me, auwtch! xo

  12. arent we all Kohl's wannabe models ;) That yoga pose is gnarly. I dont think I could ever do it. I am not very bendy.

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