Sunday, November 6, 2011

Autumn Adventures

Mid-October Josh and I ventured to Galena, IL to take in the shops and local scenery. Galena really is one of the few beautiful places in northern Illinois. I despise the Midwest. But Galena was rather pleasant. I enjoyed the little shops. I found one called Sushi which was a boutique that carried eclectic and bohemian styles. I would have gotten this lovely little owl purse if it had not been $140. Eek! I cannot justify spending that much money on a handbag. 
As promised, here are some snapshots of our escapade...bear in mind, I tend to notice awkward things even more so than the apparently beautiful ones. Also, you should know that I named the box elder bug Larry...I love all box elder bugs.

Then last weekend, I went to the apple orchard with my family. Going to the orchard and inhaling apple donuts is my favorite part of fall (well, besides Thanksgiving). Inside one of the barns there is a little shop where you may buy miscellaneous apple things and decor, and I found some adorable aprons here. If you've never been to an orchard, I would definitely say you need to make that your new fall tradition.

And to conclude the lovely month of October, I carved a pumpkin for the very first time. Well, Josh did most of the work, but I got to touch the pumpkin guts and create the design. I named her Penelope...Penelope the Punkin Owl.

Unfortunately Penelope's life was short...the squirrels in the neighborhood assumed she was a food offering. 

Looking forward to November and Thanksgiving...I love all occasions that involve consuming outrageous quantities of casserole and pie.

What's your favorite fall tradition?


  1. Looks like you have been having a great time! I love the owl lantern, wish I was that creative. I don't really have fall traditions. I just like it when its cold enough to start wearing hats and gloves!!

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  2. Sounds like such a lovely Autumn, and I love the name and design of the pumpkin :p Thanks for the sweet comment btw :) That's awesome, let me know how it goes! I finally worked out how to use photoshop, so have been going a bit crazy with that! Still got some more designing to do though.I noticed you've made a button so I'm gona put that on my blog :)



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