Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time Traveling Sweater

Recently my mama was rummaging through some boxes in our basement, and she came across this gorgeous, extremely comfortable knit sweater from the 1980s. She also found an adorable sleep set with little butterflies on it, which she also bequeathed to me. So dainty. My mama is always shocked and thrilled when I tell her I want to wear something old of hers. 
I just love seeing her my age wearing something and then getting to see myself looking like her twin. It really does feel like time traveling. It blows my mind.

Isn't she beautiful? I'm told I look just like her ;)

What I'm wearing:

Sweater//Vintage 1980s
Purple shoes//Vintage, Thrifted
Turquoise ring//Antique
Silver rope ring//Charlotte Russe
Earrings//??? Can't recall.

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  1. That sweater is fabulous! And you definitely look like your mom!

  2. That sweater is gorgeous, and you TOTALLY look like your mother in this photo. You guys have the same smile it really lights up your face.

  3. oh my gosh you two look just alike! That sweater is really cute. I wish my mama would have saved her old clothes.

  4. Love the sweater! and you're both very beautiful :)

  5. wow.... you look just like your mom! I like the sweater, very sweet and pretty, especially the sleeves. It feels so good to be wearing something from your mommy.


  6. I think you look fabulous in my sweater! I was so excited to take it right out of the box and it is still so white. When you put something on it always looks amazing Rachel. Love you, Mama

  7. That is a great sweater! You do look a lot like her! Thanks for linking up!


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