Monday, November 21, 2011


This weekend I tried a pomegranate for the very first time. I enjoy exploring the realm of food. Josh tells me I'm a weirdo, but sometimes, even though I detest coffee, I like to taste it just so that I can remember its bitterness. I just like experiencing tastes. As with scents, I feel it engages memory and connects a person to nature.
And so, the pomegranate, my most recent food adventure...

Peeling it was a rather gory process. The fruit sort of bled everywhere, squirting onto the floor, the countertops, my dogs (who were investigating), and me. The luscious red juice inspired this outfit. (Inspiration strikes at strange moments for me.)

As I was carving out the innards of the fruit, I felt like I was opening a honeycomb and plucking out all the bee larvae. Creepy, I know. I was surprised I felt like eating it after such a comparison.

It was such a  lengthy process, but YES it was worth it...very very worth it. The pomegranate seedlings are DELICIOUS. I ate some and put the rest in a container. They'll stay fresh for up to 7 days! Plus, a pomegranate is full of awesome nutrients, including antioxidants, which help fight aging factors. And I'm all for that!


What I'm wearing:

Earrings//The Quirky Poet
Cardigan//Victoria's Secret
Tights//Vera Wang for Kohl's
Sexy Ass Boots (with 4" heel, mind you)//Ross

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  1. Love this color cardigan, it's lovely with your dress.
    I'm a huge fan of pomegranate seeds, especially in salads. My aunt always puts them in her fruit salads (because they don't turn brown) I don't think I've ever cut on up before though. That's not quite what I expected them to look like.

  2. Oh, I love your pomegranate story, with accompanying photos. Like Loren, I don't think I've seen a fresh one cut up - they are quite a beautiful color, aren't they? Love your outfit, your earrings are fab.

    thanks for linking up with Visible Monday!

  3. What a wonderful inspiration story! haha. I am normally not very adventuresome when it comes to food, and that fruit does look a tad bit scary! But I really the outfit is created, seriously, one of the best over all outfits I have seen in a while. I adore every single piece. Especially the boots! Adorable. :)


  4. I certainly see the pomegranate inspiration and I like it. This dark red color looks wonderful on you.

  5. Mmm as much as I love pomegranates I have never actually dissected one myself but I love getting my hands messy so will have to try! I love how your outfit inspiration came from fruit-beautiful colour!

  6. I just found you through Amber! I love your blog! And I have so many funny stories about pomegranates! Maybe I'll share them one day?

  7. you look so classy and elegant yet girly with the red cardi and tights. always like your vintage style. Pomegranates are very difficult fruits to eat, my kids always ask if they can swallow the seeds. Even the name is so hard to pronounce and spell, poor fruit. At least it's high in anti-oxidants. Wonder how they make the juice


  8. Wonderful! I love your attitude. Adventurousness in eating as well as everything else is highly necessary for real happiness in life, I think. :)

  9. I love your amazing hair and a white colored dress paired with a maroon cardigan is beautiful. Pomegranates are AMAZING!

  10. @Christianna
    I'd love to hear your stories :D


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