Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Quirky Creeper

Not sure if blogging is what made me into such a creeper, or if the creepy gene has been lurking inside me all along. (I'm supposing the latter.)

Keeping to the same locale of my backyard and bedroom for photos is boring me, so I've decided to branch out to other locations. This is the basement of my community college. It is a ghost town. No classes are held on this floor. Only spiders and creepy people like me hang out here. Proof:

Also, I keep taking photos of bugs. What is up with this nonsense? I'm even creeping on the creepy crawlies! 

Blogging in essence is largely based on the assumption that everyone enjoys stalking one another. We're all busy-bodies. I've never personally met any of the bloggers I follow, still I stalk them religiously. Same reason why everyone is obsessed with facebook and proclaiming their personal business to the entire world. We like attention. And we like to creep.

But I suppose it's not so bad after all. Perhaps creeping is the glue that holds our society together. If we had no interest in one another, there'd be no social support and most of us (including myself) ultimately would probably just die. And so, in the interest of all my fellow humanity, I vow to continue creeping. 

Outfit details:

Hairbow//The Quirky Poet
Jeans and Owl Ring//Charlotte Russe
Shoes//Vintage St. John's Bay


  1. These photos are so cute/creepy. I'm loving the bow in your hair and the leopard print shoes.
    And you are SO right, I am an ENORMOUS creeper. Even amongst my own friends. I don't spread malicious gossip or anything. But I DO want to know every trivial fact about your life that I can find. Blogging is it's own special look into the lives of people that I do not know, and I find them fascinating.

  2. your flats are the cutest pair of shoe. seriously love them. I am a fellow creepster :) Lets join forces and TLC's tune Creep can be our theme song.

  3. That spider is so big! I am seriously creeped out by spiders. But I do love this whole outfit, especially that darling dress. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I like this outfit, very pretty and indie chic. The long cardi has a really fabulous color. The tie front dress looks great on you. eww,,,I'm terrified of spiders! Ha..Yes I stalked people on FB and blogs too, it's not a crime so it's ok not to worry.


  5. I loved this post! Your pics are so adorable!!

    I followed your blog :) hope you can check mine out and follow as well:

  6. Just found your blog and found this post via your 2011 review. Love the bright cardigan with the dress, which is so cute! I envy this whole outfit, and also the fact that you found quiet halls to take photos in.


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