Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"There Was Something of the Dandy About Him"

Recently I read a short story titled “Paul’s Case,” and I just adore the way Willa Cather uses fashion to symbolize the character’s overall contempt for the societal norms of his time. Paul wears a red carnation in his button hole and dresses totally opposite of his collegiate peers. I like Paul. He’s sassy and dramatic. And this makes me wonder...If I were a character and my clothing served a symbolic purpose, what would it say about me?

*cheesy smile*

Lately my fashion choices have been questionable. My colors never match anymore. But who says you can’t wear maroon and orange together? (Probably anyone who has ever learned the color wheel.) 

Perhaps it means I’ve become a bit like Paul: contemptuous of normalcy --- and doing laundry so I have clean clothes that match.

Outfit Details:
T-Shirt, Jean Skirt, and Rings//Charlotte Russe
Shoes//Vintage St. Johns Bay
Tights//Target (They were $5 and are the most comfortable pair of tights I own. You need to get some.)

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  1. your blouse is so cute. Owls are a bit of an obsession of mine :)

  2. I think everybody dresses symbolically whether they know it or not. Everything we wear says something about ourselves. Our ideologies and personalities are reflected in our clothing choices. Sometimes it's conscious and sometimes it's unconscious, but it's always there. This is why I'm a huge fan of Roland Barthes, the French structuralist. He wrote essays about semiotics and its application to clothing!

  3. I'm dying over that sweater...and especially those shoes...and of course I love anything with owls!

  4. i am all for not matching. and i think these colors actually go well together. and there is SO much to be said for not doing laundry. ;)

  5. Rachel....I actually thought the tights picked up the color in the owls beak! I liked your cheesy smile. I remember when you didn't smile for a picture at all!
    I agree with Amber that the way we dress is a reflection of our personalities and ideologies. Will have to look into to Roland Barthes.

  6. Love the outfit! That orange tights is so flattering and the shoes are great too! The shirt and skirt are perfect together with the cardigan. Love it!

    Cathy@cheap digitizing

  7. very cool outfit! i love those tights!


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